Executive Members (As of Apr. 1, 2018)

Dean, Vice-Dean, Head, Associate Dean, Director


Michihiro Hide


Vice-Dean for Education and Personnel-Management and IR
Junko Tanaka

Vice-Dean for General Affairs
Syuuji Shimoda


Head, Program of Medicine
Noboru Hattori

Head, Program of Health Sciences
Hisae Nakatani

Associate Dean

Associate Dean for Center for Cause of Death Investigation Research, Radiation Related Education, Anatomical Education Reform, and Self Evaluation
Kazuo Awai

Associate Dean for Entrance Examination and Admission(Chairperson)
Koichi Hashimoto

Associate Dean for Center for Medical Education(Director) and Educational Affairs(Chairperson)
Nobuo Adachi

Associate Dean for Clinical Training(Including IPE, International Exchange, and Postgraduate Collaboration)
Susumu Tazuma

Associate Dean for Curriculum Reform
Hideki Miyaguchi

Associate Dean for Student Life and MD-PhD courses
Norio Sakai

Associate Dean for Basic Medicine English and Medical Research Training
Hidenori Aizawa

Associate Dean for Public Relations and International Affairs
Takemasa Sakaguchi

Associate Dean for Examination Management, Entrance Examination (Vice Chairperson), and Clinical Training(Deputy Charge)
Hirofumi Maruyama

Associate Dean for Health Care and Medical Research Training
Yasumasa Okamoto


Director, Course for Nursing
Michiko Moriyama

Director, Course for Physical Therapy
Yukio Urabe

Director, Course for Occupational Therapy
Hideaki Hanaoka