Message from the Dean

Scientific and medical knowledge spread from Hiroshima to the world

Dean, School of Medicine
Kazuo Awai

Hiroshima University School of Medicine offers two programs. In one we educate and train physicians and in the other we prepare health care professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists for a career in the medical field. In 2018, our medical program was evaluated by the Japan Accreditation Council for Medical Education (JACME) and determined to provide an internationally accepted medical education based on certification. Such certification is expected to be granted to programs other than the training of physicians and nurses. Our medical school will continue to nurture the development and careers of internationally accepted medical professionals to improve the lives of diverse communities.
We are also focusing on the nurture of medical researchers by providing the MD-PhD course in which students can obtain both a doctorate degree and a medical license until graduation. We endeavor to give rise to professionals who will spread scientific and medical knowledge from Hiroshima to the world.


In 1990, Kazuo Awai received his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from Hiroshima University. Since 2010 he has been Professor at the Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences. In 2020 he became Dean of the School of Medicine, Hiroshima University.
He was a lecturer at the Department of Radiology of Kindai University, and then held an endowed chair as professor in the Department of Diagnostic Image Analysis at Kumamoto University. He is a board member of the Japanese Radiological Society (JRS), the Japanese Society of Medical Imaging, and the Accreditation Council for Lung Cancer CT Screening. His research interests include the development of low-radiation dose CT, the biological effects on DNA of radiation exposure at diagnostic imaging, the pharmacodynamics of contrast agents, and the application of artificial intelligence to the diagnostic imaging.