Message from the Heads

For those who pursue a career in medicine

Message from the Head, Program of Medicine
Yasumasa Okamoto

Program of Medicine, School of Medicine is located at Kasumi Campus in Hiroshima City, where is a central city in Chugoku and Shikoku regions possessing the Chugoku mountain range with deep blue mountain trees in the north and spectacular sceneries of many beautiful islands and Seto Inland Sea in the south. Since Hiroshima Prefectural Medical School, the predecessor of Hiroshima University School of Medicine was established in 1945, the Program of Medicine as the only institution to train physicians in Hiroshima Prefecture, has nurtured a lot of medical professionals / scientists and international human resources capable of supporting medical services in the global community, while producing researchers who carry out innovative research that contributes to health and welfare of the people.
Hiroshima University Kasumi Campus which is a comprehensive medical campus, comprises School of Medicine consisting Program of Medicine and Program of Heath Sciences, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and School of Dentistry. Taking advantages of the features, students in the 1st year and the 5th year learn a patient-centered group approach by understanding roles and specializations of other medical fields, through IPE; Interprofessional education beyond the frames of schools or programs, Furthermore, in order to cultivate the skills to find problems and solution measures using scientific thinking, our program has been introducing a tutorial system such as small group discussion and PBL (Problem-based learning) , incorporating seminars in the educational curriculum in addition to conventional lectures, Cultivating an inquiring mind for medical research is also a significant element for medical education. In the 4th year of their studies, students are assigned to specific medical departments for 4-month which they understand the importance of medical research and enjoy their engagement in research conducting basic research. Through the research practice, students are also offered the excellent opportunity to carry out their research work in overseas research institutions, enabling them to experience the significance of international exchanges with a global perspective. Moreover, students who wish to perform basic research in an early stage, are able to take the MD-PhD course. After receiving a regular undergraduate education until their 4th year, MD-PhD students enter Graduate school of Biomedical and Health Sciences at their 5th year and work on their research activities to obtain a doctoral degree for 3-4 years. Although students basically select this course at the entrance examination, they are also allowed to transfer from their ndergraduate courses to the MD-PhD program. 
Our program focuses on cultivating the following personnel:

・Those who are equipped with high ethical standards and a rich sense of humanity necessary  for medical practitioners
・Those who can contribute to the enhancement of the level of healthcare inside and outside of Japan by acquiring advanced knowledge and skills and developing innovative research
・Those who can contribute to the promotion of local community health and medical treatment by providing required knowledge and skills in response to local societies  

Through these educational activities, the Program of Medicine aspires to contribute to improving human health, welfare and society, while making efforts to advances in medical science and the level of healthcare.

For those who pursue a career in health sciences

Message from the Head, Program of Health Sciences
Hironobu Hamada

Program of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Hiroshima University was established in 1992 with 3 courses; Nursing Course, Physical Therapy Course and Occupational Therapy Course. Physical Therapy Course and Occupational Therapy Course were started as the first four-year degree program in health sciences at Japanese universities, while Nursing Course was established as a pioneer in a four-year nursing education. Since then, many graduates who completed their studies at the Program of Health Sciences, have been playing central roles as leaders in health, medical care and welfare as well as educators and researchers at educational research institutions. 
Our program aims to cultivate outstanding medical professionals in health sciences by providing students with specific support and strategies as follows:

  1. to develop abilities to understand and apply basics in health sciences, to find problems and solution measures, to promote communication and information literacy skills responding to internationalization and computerization
  2. to focus on a team medical care education making the most of a medical campus consisting School of Medicine; Program of Medicine and Program of Health Sciences, School of Dentistry and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences that is one of the few medical campuses in Japan
  3. to offer a comprehensive type of exam (typeⅡ), that is a consistent education from bachelor’s degree to doctoral degree
  4. to develop various support systems including going abroad or training programs by strengthening collaborations with overseas universities 

Our program aims to nurture medical practitioners who can provide comprehensive medical and health services, equipped with necessary qualities; social skills, a rich sense of humanity and high ethical standards, in addition to academic ability and knowledge. The 4 years of students’ university life is also essential for human development, enhanced by social interactions with many people including participation in circle or club activities, along with their studies. 
Japan has been facing drastic changes such as rapid globalization and aging society. 
The Program of Health Science, School of Medicine, Hiroshima University will strive to work together to foster healthcare professionals who can tackle with the social challenges.