Message from the Dean

KUROIWA Yoshihiro, Dean of School of Science

Through our talented predecessors, science has progressed with determined effort and enthusiasm for unveiling the basic principles hidden in nature. The School of Science at Hiroshima University aims to help students to become researchers who can grasp new scientific findings, and to help engineers to gain a profound understanding in the basics of science.

Since our founding in 1929, as part of Hiroshima University’s Faculty of Literature and Science, the School of Science has done advanced research and provided a higher quality of education in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science and Earth and Planetary Systems Science. We have focused on the development of creativity and aimed to foster individuals who can play a leadership role in society as quality researchers, technical experts, or educators.

Furthermore, the School of Science coordinates with Center for Developing Pioneers in Science, which promotes education and research activities in collaboration with the well-equipped Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center (a nationally shared facility), The Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center and The Amphibian Research Center.

Let's improve the world with the power of science, by first starting with a mere fascination of things happening in nature and progressing to a deep understanding of nature. We expect your great curiosity and strong quest for answers of the unknown to create a powerful knowledge of the natural sciences so that you can make a significant contribution to society.

We will post educational and research activities on this website.