Message from the Dean

Manabu Abe Dean of Graduate School of Science

The Graduate School of Science was founded in 1929 as a faculty of Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, the former shape of Hiroshima University. It now has four departments; Mathematics, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Earth and Planetary Systems Science. The departments cover not only the whole basic sciences but also an interdisciplinary field. The Graduate School of Science has an affiliated facility. The Hiroshima Synchrotron Center (a national shared use facility), the Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center and the Amphibian Research Center are also available for the research and education for the people in the Graduate School of Science. The coordinated collaborations with the well-equipped facilities enhance our education and research activities.

The Graduate School of Science promotes the communication between the Japanese and foreign students having different specialities to share their ideas, which should eventually cultivate their scientific ways of thinking.

We are expecting all the students for becoming ambitious scientists or engineers with accurate knowledge and skills in science. Some of them may play as schoolteachers to convey the science to younger generations, as they learned from the predecessors. All of them are encouraged to contribute to the world of science and the real world.