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(English announcement can be found in the latter half of this notice.)



日時 2016年9月26日(月)16:20~17:50

会場 広島大学東広島キャンパス工学部110講義室





解説 広島大学大学院工学研究院  教授 松村幸彦

講演 広島大学特別研究員    Thachanan SAMANMULYA




講演 広島大学大学院工学研究科   D3  Rozyanti binti MOHAMAD


この研究の主旨は、大型藻類中の炭水化物の挙動を解明することです。まず、昆布のアルギン酸からマンヌロン酸(MA)およびグルロン酸(GA)を収率50 wt%で回収することに成功しました。反応速度論では、170℃の水熱条件下で収率10%未満でGAとMAの感受性を示しました。同様に、グルクロン酸についても高い収率で観察されました。ウロン酸の高い反応性はカルボキシル基の高い電気陰性度によるものと考えられます。異なる官能基の影響は、他の糖化合物によって評価されました。これらの中でも、カルボキシル基を有する糖は、アルデヒド基およびヒドロキシル基を有する糖のより高い分解速度を示しました。 大型藻類における種々の炭水化物の動態パラメータは、アレニウスの式を用いて計算されました。

司会 広島大学大学院工学研究院  教授 松村幸彦

なお、18:00より意見交換会(参加費 800円)を開催します。ご都合の付く方はこちらにもご参加下さい。


The 45th Hiroshima University Biomass Evening Seminar

Biomass Project Research Center, Hiroshima University, and HOSTY Association are co-organizing the Hiroshima University Biomass Evening Seminar. This seminar covers topics from the fundamentals of biomass to the latest information so that it can contribute the activities on biomass in this district.  The 45th seminar will be held as follows.  Please join.


Date & Time: Mon.26  Sep, 2016   16:20-17:50

Place: Engineering 110 Lecture Room, Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, Hiroshima University





Commentary: Yukihiko MATSUMURA

Professor, Institute of Engineering, Hiroshima University

Lecture:  Thachanan SAMANMULYA

Special Postdoctral Researcher, Hiroshima University

“Supercritical water gasification of arginine and threonine in a tubular flow reactor ”

Utilization of model compounds is useful and effective to determine the kinetic parameters of biomass gasification in supercritical water. So far, we have determined the supercritical water gasification characteristics of aliphatic and cyclic amino acids, glycine, alanine, valine, leucine, and proline, but their characteristics are shown with different gasification rate. It is of interest to elucidate the characteristics of arginine and threonine which are in the group of the 20 most common natural amino acids. Arginine is classified in basic category. Then, the effect of basic would be clarified.  Threonine has the carbon atom in functional group, which is attached by hydroxyl that makes threonine different from aliphatic amino acids. Moreover, arginine and threonine gasification characteristics have not been determined yet.

Based on the experimental results, the carbon gasification efficiency was calculated, and reaction rate parameters were determined assuming the first-order reaction.  High temperature led to high carbon gasification efficiency, indicating the reaction rate constant following the Arrhenius equation. Proposed reaction network of the carbon gasification efficiency was developed for the supercritical water gasification, by assuming the first-order reaction.

Lecture: Rozyanti binti MOHAMAD

D3  Student, Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University

“Hydrothermal pretreatment of macroalgae : Detailed reaction kinetics and mechanisms”

The main idea of this research is to study the behavior of carbohydrates in macroalgae.  Firstly, preparation of mannuronic acid (MA) and guluronic acid (GA) from alginic acid of kelp was successfully conducted whose recovery yield was about 50 wt%.  The kinetics study indicated the susceptibility of GA and MA under hydrothermal condition, whose recovery yields were less than 10 % at 170 °C.  Similarly, high decomposition rate was observed for glucuronic acid.  Perhaps, high reactivity of uronic acids was due to the high electronegativity of their functional group, which is carboxylic group.  Then, the effect of different functional groups was further evaluated for other sugar compounds.  Among them, sugar with carboxylic group showed higher degradation rate than that of sugars with aldehyde and hydroxyl groups. The kinetics parameters of various carbohydrates in macrolagae were also calculated by using Arrhenius equation.

Chair: Yukihiko MATSUMURA

Professor, Institute of Engineering, Hiroshima University


We will hold the discussion meeting from 18:00 (800 JPY needed).  Join this meeting, too if you are available.