[Application Deadline: May 8, 2024] Project for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation AI Researchers at Hiroshima University(Support Starting from April 2024 and from October 2024) has begun.


Hiroshima University has been selected as an implementing institution for "Program for Developing the Next-Generation AI Researchers" proceeded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Hiroshima University has established the Program for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation AI Researchers at Hiroshima University with the aim of creating an environment where doctoral students acting well in the field of AI can concentrate on their research with peace of mind, and making them leap forward by support and foster so that they can contribute to the realization of Japan's target of future society (Society 5.0) due to overcoming social problems by AI technology expected further development in near future. Therefore, we are calling for students who are eligible for support (hereinafter referred to as "Next-Generation AI Fellows").
The aim of this program is not to utilize conventional AI technology just for research but to call for resources who can contribute to realization of Society5.0 with innovation to solve social problems through development of AI and original proposals to utilize AI as a technology which is foundation of Society5.0.    
Next-Generation AI Fellows to be adopted need to belong to laboratory of AI division in “Education and Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Innovation at Hiroshima University” (hereinafter referred to as "AIDI Center"). The system of academic supervisor in this program consists of two supervisors that one is in the laboratory of research institute at doctoral course and another is in AI division of the AIDI Center. Therefore, the content of research for applicant has to match the research fields of the AIDI Center.
→Refer to the  Home Page below as for the research fields of AI division in the AIDI Center.    

And as following obligations affecting academic supervisors of laboratory are essential to be executed, please consult closely with your supervisor before submitting your application.

Obligation for Next-Generation AI Fellows
・Frequent three-cornered discussion among Next-Generation AI Fellow and two academic supervisors. 
・Participation in the presentation held by AIDI Center to confirm the progress of research.
・Conference presentations and papers on AI research during the period of support for Next-Generation AI Fellow.

The program will provide to adopted Next-Generation AI fellows the support grant which is an amount equivalent to living expense to devote their research as well as research funds. Besides it will implement the various initiatives related to their career development and raising, and the acquisition of transferable skills. 
In addition, HU SPRING, an emergent scene for Next-Generation AI Fellows to interact and collaborate beyond their own areas of expertise, will be established to provide a forum for discussion on how to approach solving social problems and achieving world peace.

For more information, download the following application guidelines and other information.

[Note]: Concurrent applications for the "Project for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation of Innovative Researchers at Hiroshima University" which is separately accepting applications are acceptable. If selected for both programs, priority will be given to the "Program for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation AI Researchers at Hiroshima University". Applicants will not be selected for both programs at the same time. 


We will begin accepting applications via the application form on or about April 18 (Thu.) after publishing an explanatory video on our website.

Explanatory video about this project

The video explaining this program has been uploaded below in April 19.

<Question Form for Project for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation AI Researchers at Hiroshima University>

Please review the application guidelines and explanatory video before submitting your application.

<Q&A> Updated on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Application Method

Please access the online application form (Google Forms) from the following URL, enter the required items, and submit it. The applicant’s Google account details and password authentication are required for access.

<Online Application Form> : Google Form

*Please be sure to upload your application documents file saved in PDF format.
*The application documents may be either in color or black-and-white.
*The application documents must be filled-out and submitted according to the program's specified format without modification. If you apply using documents which are different from the specified format, your application may not be screened.

<Next Cloud> (Cloud for submitting video)
*    Be sure to upload videos saved in MP4 (.mp4) format.
*    The file name must be "student ID number_Applicant’s full name". (student ID number does not have to be indicated on the file name as for students who are scheduled to enroll from outside of Hiroshima University.)
*    The volume of video needs up to 10 minutes and has to include following items.
  1. Abstract of research (the content of research so far, and research plan in doctoral course)
  2.How to contribute to realization of Society5.0 with innovation to solve social problems through              development of AI and original proposals to utilize AI.
*    The video content should be composed in an easy-to-understand manner, using PowerPoint, etc.

**If you have difficulty applying through the online application form, please attach and send the application documents below 1) and 2) to the e-mail address (fellowship@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp) of Next Generation AI Fellowship Application Office (Global Career Design Center)
The subject of the e-mail should be “Next Generation AI Fellowship Application”.
Application Documents: 
1) Application Form (specified format, Excel)
2) Application Documents (specified format, converted from Word into PDF)
3) Video (specified format (MP4)) uploaded to the above cloud

contact address

 Global Career Design Center
(Please replace * with @.)