磯部 直樹 教授 / ISOBE Naoki Professor

良質な牛乳生産を目指して、反芻動物の乳房炎を防除するために乳房の自然免疫に着目している。乳房内の抗菌物質(defensin, S100, cathelicidin, lactoferrin)等の免疫物質を最大限利用して、感染を防御する手法を検討している。

My study focuses on innate immune function in mammary glands to prevent and treat mastitis. I try to establish the appropriate methods to maximize the amount of antimicrobial components(defensin, S100, cathelicidin, lactoferrin)in milk. Mastitis caused by the bacterial components translocated from uterus was identified.

keywords:mastitis, mammary gland, antimicrobial component

  1. Effect of mastitis during early-stage pregnancy on the immunity levels and pregnancy function of goats. Animal Reproduction Science 262: 107430 (2024) 
  2. Effect of different inflammation states on the antimicrobial components in milk of goat udders after milking cessation. Animal Science Journal 95(1) e13926. (2024)
  3. Effect of intramammary lipopolysaccharide challenge after repeated intrauterine infusion of lipopolysaccharide on the inflammation status of goat mammary glands. Theriogenology 212:104–110 (2024)presence of tertiary lymphoid organs. Frontiers in Immunology 13:941333(2022)
上田 晃弘 教授 / UEDA Akihiro Professor


Our research focuses on molecular physiological analysis of environmental stress(high salinity, nutrient deficiency, etc.)tolerance in higher plants for sustainable crop production. We also study plant growth promoting bacteria to increase crop production through improving bacterial fitness in the rhizosphere and identifying bioactive compounds useful for crop growth.

keywords:sustainable crop production, rice, salinity stress, nutrient deficiency, plant nutrition, plant growth promoting bacteria

  1. Exogenous riboflavin (vitamin B2) application enhances salinity tolerance through the activation of its biosynthesis in rice seedlings under salinity stress. Plant Sci 339: 111929 (2024)
  2. Potassium transporter OsHAK17 may contribute to saline-alkaline tolerant mechanisms in rice (Oryza sativa). J Plant Res. In press (2024)
  3. Astaxanthin application enhances salinity tolerance in rice seedlings by abating oxidative stress effects and enhancing Na+/K+ homeostatic balance. Plant Growth Regul. In Press (2024)
海野 徹也 教授 / UMINO Tetsuya Professor


My current research focuses on sustainable use of commercially important fish by using stock enhancement and resource management. Black sea bream is representative fish of my research, and I want to pursue studies to clarify all of the mysteries of this fish as my life work.

keywords:fish, black sea bream, stock enhancement, resource management, sustainable use

  1. The role of the isolation of the marginal seas during the Pleistocene in the genetic structure of black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii (Bleeker, 1854)in the coastal waters of Japan. PeerJ 9(24):e11001(2021)
  2. Estimating the spawning season of black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii in Hiroshima Bay, Japan, based on temporal variation in egg density. Fish Sci, 86:645-653(2020)
  3. Infestation of the parasitic isopod Mothocya parvostis on Juveniles of the black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii as an optional intermediate host in Hiroshima Bay. Zool Sci,1-10(2020)
大塚 攻 教授 / OHTSUKA Susumu Professor


The systematics, evolutionary biology and ecology of zooplankters such as copepods and jellyfish have been most intensively investigated around the world. Recently, the life cycle of symbiotic copepods such as sea lice has been studied.

keywords:copepods, ecology, evolution, life cycle, jellyfish, symbiosis, systematics

  1. Evolutionary transformation of mouthparts from particle-feeding to piercing carnivory in viper copepods: review and 3D analysis of a key innovation using advanced imaging techniques. Front Zool 16:35(2019)
  2. Symbionts of marine medusae and ctenophores. Plankton Benthos Res, 4(1): 1-13.(2009)
  3. Sexual dimorphism in calanoid copepods. Hydrobiologia 453/454: 441-466.(2001)
小櫃 剛人 教授 / OBITSU Taketo Professor


In order to establish sustainable and healthy ruminant production systems, I am studying by-product feed utilization, mitigation of enteric methane emission from ruminants, and regulation of amino acid metabolism in cattle and sheep by the natural functional compounds in forage.

keywords:forage, digestion, metabolism, protein, amino acid, cow, sheep, milk, meat.

  1. Phytol supplementation alters plasma concentrations of formate, amino acids, and lipid metabolites in sheep. Animal 15:100174.(2021)
  2. Effects of ensiling treatment for tuber crop forages and grain source on carbohydrate digestion, nitrogen utilization, and urea metabolism in sheep. Anim Feed Sci Technol 243: 140-149.(2018)
  3. Effects of nitrogen fertilizer and harvesting stage on photosynthetic pigments and phytol contents of Italian ryegrass silage. Anim Sci J 88: 1513 – 1522.(2017)
小池 一彦 教授 / KOIKE Kazuhiko Professor


Microalgae, or single-cell algae, especially their diversity, environmental adaptation and photosynthetic mechanisms are investigated both from field studies and laboratory culture experiments. Goal of the study is to apply these knowledge for conserving characteristic ecosystems(e.g. coastal biological production, mangrove ecosystem, coral reef ecosystem, etc)whose basis are microalgae.

keywords:microalgae, aquatic ecosystem, coast, mangrove, coral reef

  1. Fecal pellets of giant clams as a route for transporting Symbiodiniaceae to corals/ PLoS ONE/2020
  2. Zooxanthellal genetic varieties in giant clams are partially determined by species-intrinsic and growth-related characteristics/ PLoS ONE/ 2017
  3. Aplication of a pulse-amplitude-modulation(PAM)fluorometer reveals its usefulness and robustness in the prediction of Karenia mikimotoi blooms: A case study in Sasebo Bay, Nagasaki, Japan/ Harmful Algae/ 2017
坂井 陽一 教授 / SAKAI Yoichi Professor


Behavioral ecology of reef fishes focusing on survival and reproductive strategies(e.g. foraging and mating tactics, social and mating system, and sex change patterns)by using the methods of animal sociology including field observation and demographic survey in nature.

keywords:underwater observation, field survey, function of behaviors, intra- and interspecific relationships, individual-level data, reproductive success

  1. Reversed sex change in the haremic protogynous hawkfish Cirrhitichthys falco in natural conditions. Ethology 118: 1–9(2012)
  2. Effect of changing harem on timing of sex change in female cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus. Anim. Behav. 62: 251–257(2001)
  3. Alternative spawning tactics of female angelfish according to two different contexts of sex change. Behav. Ecol. 8: 372–377(1997)
杉野 利久 教授 / SUGINO Toshihisa Professor


My work focuses on the nutrition and metabolism at transition periods for weaning and calving in dairy cattle, especially the relationship between dietary nutrition and metabolic hormone action.

keywords:gastro-intestinal hormone, dairy cow, dairy calf, nutritional management

  1. Effects of medium-chain fatty acids and tributyrin supplementation in milk replacers on growth performance, blood metabolites, and hormone concentrations in Holstein dairy calves. J. Dairy Sci. 106, 4599–4607.(2023)
  2. Effect of kraft pulp inclusion in calf starter on performance, health, and plasma concentration of glucagon-like peptide 2 in calves. J. Dairy Sci. 106, 4443–4453.(2023)
  3. Effects of rumen-protected glutamate supplementation during the periparturient period on digestibility, inflammation, metabolic responses, and performance in dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 105, 3129–3141.(2022)
冨永 るみ 教授 / TOMINAGA Rumi Professor


The aim of our study is to elucidate the mechanism of epidermal cell differentiation in plants, by using epidermal cells from specialized organs, such as root hairs. By focusing on the function of transcription factors, we aim to understand plant morphogenesis and cell differentiation at the molecular level.

keywordsArabidopsis, root hair, transcription factor

  1. Effect of shading on trichome formation and CAPRICE-like gene expression in tea (Camellia sinensis var. sinensis) leaves. Sci Hortic 330: 113049 (2024)
  2. Identification of six CPC-like genes and their differential expression in leaves of tea plant, Camellia sinensis. J Plant Physiol 263: 153465 (2021)
  3. Extended C-termini of CPC-LIKE MYB proteins confer functional diversity in Arabidopsis epidermal cell differentiation. Development 144: 2375-2380 (2017)
冨山 毅 教授 / TOMIYAMA Takeshi Professor


I am studying fisheries biology in Japan, especially in the Seto Inland Sea, to contribute to sustainable coastal fisheries. My research interests are mainly in the life history traits of commercially important species, predator-prey interactions, and the response of fishes to climate change.

keywords:aquatic ecology, fisheries, life history, thermal biology, tidal flat

  1. Validation of otolith daily ring deposition and hatch date estimations in larval and juvenile Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus. Fish Res 266: 106791 (2023)
  2. Interspecific differences in the vertical distribution patterns between Sebastes inermis and Sebastes ventricosus. Fish Bull 121: 73-77 (2023)
  3. Potential impact of predation by larval Spanish mackerel on larval anchovy in the central Seto Inland Sea, Japan. Deep-Sea Res II 208: 105272 (2023)
米澤 隆弘 教授 / YONEZAWA Takahiro Professor

Based on genome information, we aim to elucidate the domestication origins, the global propagation processes, and the genetic basis for the diverse phenotypes of Japanese native chickens and other livestock, in order to promote further breeding.

keywords:genome, evolution, breeding

  1. Phylogenomics and morphology of extinct paleognaths reveal the origin and evolution of the ratites. Current Biology, 27:68-77(2017)
  2. Paleogenomics reveals independent and hybrid origins of two morphologically distinct wolf lineages endemic to Japan. Current Biology 32:2494-2504(2022)
  3. Complete mitochondrial genome analysis clarifies the enigmatic origin of Haplogroup D in Japanese native chickens. The Journal of Poultry Science, 59: 316-322(2022)
浅岡 聡 准教授 / ASAOKA Satoshi Associate Professor


I am an aquatic environmental scientist with a broad perspective of wastewater treatment, restoration of coastal seas etc. based on my analytical chemistry background. My specialties and skills include(1)Coastal environment restoration using industrial recycled materials, (2)Development of analytical methods to evaluate aquatic environment.

keywords:aquatic environment, environmental analytical chemistry, environmental remediation, SDGs, wastewater treatment

  1. Sustained release properties of cement-bonded composites with organic waste based anaerobic digestate as nutrient carriers for marine microalgae. Environ Sci Pollut Res 30: 56343–56352 (2023)
  2. Spatial and temporal distribution of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur species in coastal marine sediments collected from Osaka Bay, Japan. Mar Chem 251: 104233 (2023)
  3. Effect of chemical composition of coal ash used to prepare granulated coal ash on the removal of hydrogen sulfide from water. Water Environ Res 95: e10916 (2023)
梅原 崇 准教授 / UMEHARA Takashi Associate Professor


Our aim is to develop the reproductive technology in animal production. To achieve this aim, we are focusing on mammalian reproductive biology of both female and male, such as ovary, oocyte, testis and sperm, especially focusing on metabolism, endocrine and immune system.

keywords:animal reproduction, reproductive technology, endocrine, metabolism

  1. A simple sperm-sexing method that activates TLR7/8 on X sperm for the efficient production of sexed mouse or cattle embryos. Nature protocols,(2020)
  2. Activation of Toll-like receptor 7/8 encoded by the X chromosome alters sperm motility and provides a novel simple technology for sexing sperm. PLoS Biol.,(2019)
  3. The acceleration of reproductive aging in Nrg1flox/flox; Cyp19‐Cre female mice. Aging cell, 16, 1288-1299.(2017)
加藤 亜記 准教授 / KATO Aki Associate Professor


Seaweeds benefit human life by providing food and indirectly by maintaining biodiversity in coastal ecosystems. Focusing on the impacts of climate change on seaweed aquaculture and seaweed forests, I have examined molecular phylogeny and ecophysiology of key species of macroalgae and conducted empirical research relevant for aquaculture.

keywords:coralline algae, edible seaweeds, optimum growth conditions, rhodolith, taxonomy

  1. Lithophyllum nagaokaense sp. nov. (Corallinales, Corallinophycidae, Rhodophyta): A new rhodolith‐forming non‐geniculate coralline alga from Japan. Phycological Research (2024)
  2. Effects of seawater temperature and irradiance on the growth of sporelings of Amphiroa cf. zonata and Corallina berteroi (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) in Japan. Phycologia 62: 585-592 (2023)
  3. Morphological and molecular assessment of Lithophyllum okamurae with the description of L. neo-okamurae sp. nov. (Corallinales, Rhodophyta). Phycologia 61: 117-131 (2022)
河上 眞一 准教授 / KAWAKAMI Siniti Associate Professor


Research on the brain mechanisms of innate behavior such as feeding, drinking, and aggressive behavior in chickens.

keywords:feeding behavior, drinking behavior, aggressive behavior, hypothalamus, chicken

  1. Screening of the behavioral tests for monitoring agonistic behavior of layer chicks. J.Poult.Sci. 54:296-302.(2017)
  2. Blood testosterone concentration and testosterone-induced aggressive behavior in male layer chicks: Comparison between isolated- and grouped-raising. J.Poult.Sci. 56:290-297.(2019)
  3. Effects of testicular and non-testicular testosterone on territorial and isolation-induced aggressive behavior of male layer chicks. J.Poult. Sci. 57:236-240.(2020)
黒川 勇三 准教授 / KUROKAWA Yuuzou Associate Professor


In order to improve the productive lifespan(the period from beginning of milk production to culling)of dairy cows, I research the relation of blood antioxidants(Vitamin C, glutathione, etc.)concentrations and age at first calving with disease incidence, reproductive performances and culling incidence.

keywords:dairy cows, productive lifespan, milk production, antioxidants, lifecycle

  1. Effect of relationships among clinical mastitis incidence, reproductive performance, and culling rate on the lifetime of dairy cows at Hiroshima University Farm./Anim. Sci. J. /2021
  2. Changes of photosynthetic pigments and phytol content at different levels of nitrogen fertilizer in Italian ryegrass fresh herbage and hay./ Grassl. Sci./2022
  3. A comparison of plasma glucose and oxidative status in lactating dairy cows in summer and autumn/Anim. Sci. J./2016
斉藤 英俊 准教授 / SAITOU Hidetoshi Associate Professor


My research interests are ecological researches on aquatic organisms, especially understanding of life history aimed at the dispersal mechanism of alien species and the conservation of threatened species.

keywords:benthos, fishing bait, freshwater, intertidal flat, polychaete, shrimp

  1. Appearance of exotic shrimp Palaemon sinensis (Sollaud, 1911) and other freshwater shrimps before and after the 2018 extreme flood in western Japan. BioInvasions Rec. 13: 183-194 (2024)
  2. Host selection and potential predation in host-parasite interaction between the isopod Tachaea chinensis and freshwater species. Int J Parasitol: Parasites Wildl. 21: 59-68 (2023)
  3. Population genetics of the non-native frechwater shrimp Palaemon sinensis (Sollaud, 1911) in Japan based on mitochondrial 16S rRNA sequence analysis. Aquat. Invasions. 16: 710-720 (2021)
中村 隼明 准教授 / NAKAMURA Yoshiaki Associate Professor


My research group aims to develop culture, cryopreservation and transplantation of germ cells including primordial germ cells and spermatogonial stem cells in birds and mammals, and to apply germ cell manipulation technologies from conservation of biological diversity to human infertility treatment.

keywords:germ cells, chicken, mouse, genetic conservation, infertility treatment

  1. Transient suppression of transplanted spermatogonial stem cell differentiation restores fertility in mice. Cell Stem Cell 28:1-14.(2021)
  2. Efficient system for preservation and regeneration of genetic resources in chicken: concurrent storage of primordial germ cells and live animals from early embryos of a rare indigenous fowl(Gifujidori). Reprod Fertil Dev 22:1237-1246.(2010)
  3. Germline replacement by transfer of primordial germ cells into partially sterilized embryos in the chicken. Biol Reprod 83:130-137.(2010)
長岡 俊徳 准教授 / NAGAOKA Toshinori Associate Professor


Aiming for sustainable plant production, we are conducting researches on the effective utilization of useful resources, dynamics of nutrients in soils, and improvement of their utilization by plants. We analyze productivity and nutrient use efficiency of crops(such as rice)by applying organic matter such as compost.

keywords:plant production, soil, organic matter, nutrient cycling

  1. Shoot and root responses to low phosphorus and their genotypic variability in selected cultivars of Japanese core collections of maize and soybean. Soil Sci. Plant Nutr. 70: 100-113 (2024) 
  2. Phytate degradation by fungi and bacteria inhabiting sawdust and coffee residue composts. Microbes Environ. 28: 71-80 (2013)
  3. Isolation and characterization of cellulose-decomposing bacteria inhabiting sawdust and coffee residue composts. Microbes Environ. 27: 226-233 (2012) 
新居 隆浩 准教授 / NII Takahiro Associate Professor


I work on the research about enhancement of mucosal barrier function and improvement of egg production for healthy and secure poultry production of chickens. In particular, I focus on the intestinal environment and the network between intestine and surrounding organs such as liver, brain and reproductive organs.

keywords:avian, mucosal immunity, digestive tract cellular immunity, reproductive organ, egg laying function, probiotics

  1. Slight Disruption in Intestinal Environment by Dextran Sodium Sulfate Reduces Egg Yolk Size Through Disfunction of Ovarian Follicle Growth. Front Physiol. 11:607369.(2021)
  2. Intestinal inflammation induced by dextran sodium sulphate causes liver inflammation and lipid metabolism disfunction in laying hens. Poult Sci. 99:1663-1677.(2020)
  3. Effects of avian infectious bronchitis virus antigen on eggshell formation and immunoreaction in hen oviduct. Theriogenology. 81: 1129-1138.(2014)
橋本 俊也 准教授 / HASHIMOTO Toshiya Associate Professor

The main purpose of my study is to maintain and manage the marine environment for sustainable fishery production. For the purpose, I perform studies about the material circulation system in the coastal seas by computer data analysis, numerical ecosystem model and field observations.

keywords:sustainable fishery production, computer data analysis, numerical ecosystem model

  1. Primary Production and Physical Structure of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan / Bull. Coastal Oceanogr.(1997)
  2. Analysis of Primary Production in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan, Using a Simple Ecosystem Model/ J. Oceanogr. 54: 123-132.(1998)
  3. Optical Properties of Sea Water in Hiroshima Bay, Japan / Oceanography in Japan(1997)
吉田 将之 准教授 / YOSHIDA Masayuki Associate Professor


Biological psychology and behavioral neuroscience. Studying animal mind as a biological function. My research involves quantitative observation of behavior and manipulation of underlying neural activities to evaluate emotional states of animals.

keywords:behavior, biological psychology, brain, emotion

  1. Recording the ventilation activity of free-swimming zebrafish and its application to novel tank tests. Physiology & Behavior, 244, 113665 (2022)
  2. Measurement of emotional states of zebrafish through integrated analysis of motion and respiration using bioelectric signals. Scientific Reports 11:187(2021)
  3. Relationship between brain morphology and life history in four bottom-dwelling gobiids. Zoological Science, 37, 168-176(2020)
若林 香織 准教授 / WAKABAYASHI Kaori Associate Professor

My main research interest is the early life history of marine invertebrates particularly from the viewpoints of taxonomy, developmental biology, and ecology. Applied aquaculture sciences of crustaceans and echinoderms are also the research topics that we focus on.

keywords:lobster, larvae, jellyfish, hatchery, land-based aquaculture

  1. The final phyllosoma, nisto, and first juvenile stages of the slipper lobster Petrarctus brevicornis(Holthuis, 1946)(Decapoda: Achelata: Scyllaridae). J Crustac Biol 40: 237–246.(2020)
  2. Culture of slipper lobster larvae(Decapoda; Achelata; Scyllaridae)fed jellyfish as food. In Lobsters: Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture. Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 519–540.(2019)
  3. Amended larval recruitment model for the Japanese spiny lobster Panulirus japonicus from new larval records and population genetic data in Taiwan. J Oceanogr 75: 273–282.(2019)
LIAO Lawrence Manzano 准教授 / Associate Professor

My research deals with the taxonomy of macroalgae around Southeast Asia, including their use as bioindicators of environmental change. Students are trained in practical taxonomic and communication skills to prepare them for jobs in research, teaching and international science journalism.

keywords:algae, freshwater Rhodophyta, museum studies, phycology, phytogeography, seaweeds

  1. The Ulvophyceae(Chlorophyta)of eastern Sorsogon, Philippines, including Halimeda magnicuneata sp. nov.(Bryopsidales). Botanica Marina 63: 439-453(2020)
  2. Satellite image analysis reveals changes in seagrass beds at Van Phong Bay, Vietnam during the last 30 years. Aquatic Living Resources 33: 1-10.(2020)
  3. Dictyota adnata Zanardini(Phaeophyceae)– a new record from the Sundarbans mangrove forests, Bangladesh. Bangladesh J. Bot. 49: 407-412(2020)
稲生 雄大 助教 / INABU Yudai Assistant Professor


Research focusing on physiological and endocrine mechanisms and intestinal environment to improve health and productivity of ruminants (dairy and beef cattle).

keywords:ruminants, endocrinology, physiology, hormones, gut-derived peptides, nutrition, intestinal environment

  1. Effect of extended colostrum feeding on plasma glucagon-like peptide-1 concentration in newborn calves. J Dairy Sci: 4619-4627 (2019)
  2. Effect of kraft pulp inclusion in calf starter on performance, health, and plasma concentration of glucagon-like peptide 2 in calves. J Dairy Sci 4443-4453 (2023)
  3. Development of a novel feeding method for Japanese black calves with thermophile probiotics at postweaning. J Appl Microbiol 3870-3882 (2022)
河合 賢太郎 助教 / KAWAI Kentaro Assistant Professor


My main research interests are the spawning biology of coastal marine fishes(Acanthopagrus species and Epinephelus akaara). The research approaches are fish dissection, spatio-temporal distribution of pelagic eggs, genetic analysis(DNA barcoding, environmental DNA, and molecular phylogeny), and biotelemetry.

keywordsAcanthopagrus, biotelemetry, coastal marine fish, DNA barcoding, environmental DNA, Epinephelus akaara, molecular phylogeny, pelagic egg, spawning biology

  1. Oyster farms are the main spawning grounds of the black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii in Hiroshima Bay, Japan / PeerJ / e11475 (2021)
  2. The role of the isolation of the marginal seas during the Pleistocene in the genetic structure of black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii(Bleeker, 1854)in the coastal waters of Japan / PeerJ / e11001(2021)
  3. Estimating the spawning season of black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii in Hiroshima Bay, Japan, from temporal variation in egg density / Fish. Sci. / 645-653(2020)
菊田 真由実 助教 / KIKUTA Mayumi Assistant Professor


In our laboratory, we are working on the evaluation of cultivation environments and the development of cultivation management techniques in order to improve the stability and productivity of major crops such as rice and corn. Our research is mainly focused on poor environments in East Africa and Southeast Asia.

keywords:rice, stability and productivity, cultivation management

  1. A method for evaluating cold tolerance in rice during reproductive growth stages under natural low-temperature conditions in tropical highlands in Kenya. Plant Prod Sci 23: 466-476.(2020)
  2. Effects of different water management practices on the dry matter production process and characteristics in NERICAs. Plant Prod Sci 22: 168-179.(2019)
  3. Effects of slope-related soil properties on upland rice growth and yield under slash-and-burn agriculture in South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Trop Agr Develop 62: 60-67.(2018)
鈴木 直樹 助教 / SUZUKI Naoki Assistant Professor


The aim of my studies is to contribute food(milk)supply and food(milk)safety by elucidating mechanisms of bacterial intramammary infection in dairy animals.

keywords:dairy animals, intramammary infection, zoonosis, diagnosis

  1. Seasonal variations in the concentration of antimicrobial components in milk of dairy cows. Anim Sci J. 91(1).(2020)
  2. Outcome prediction from the first examination in clinical mastitis using ultrasonography in dairy cows. Anim Sci J. 91(1).(2020)
  3. Rapid determination of pathogens in mastitic milk of dairy cows using Gram staining. J Vet Med Sci. in press.(2022)
妹尾 あいら 助教 / SEO Aira Assistant Professor


My research aims for the improvement of animal welfare, especially the welfare of free-roaming cats, from the view point of the symbiotic relationships between humans and animals.

keywords:animal Welfare, human-animal relationships, free-roaming cats

  1. Health status of 'community cats' living in the tourist area of the old town in Onomichi City, Japan. J Appl Anim Welf Sci 25: 338-354.(2022)
  2. The effect of communal litter box provision on the defecation behavior of free-roaming cats in old-town Onomichi, Japan. Appl Anim Behav Sci 224: 104938.(2020)
  3. Three-year route census study on welfare status of free-roaming cats in old-town Onomichi, Japan. J Appl Anim Welf Sci 21: 203-210.(2018)
豊田 賢治 助教 / TOYOTA Kenji Assistant Professor


My research group focuses on invertebrates, mainly decapod crustaceans, to understand sexual dimorphic characteristics such as morphology, behavior, physiology, and gene expression based on fieldwork and breeding experiments.

keywords:crustacean, sexual difference, aquaculture

  1. Eyestalk transcriptome and methyl farnesoate titers provide insight into the physiological changes in the male snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, after its terminal molt. Sci Rep 13:7204 (2023)
  2. Dual roles of crustacean female sex hormone during juvenile stage in the kuruma prawn Marsupenaeus japonicus. Gen Comp Endocrinol 344:114374 (2023)
  3. Impacts of methyl farnesoate and 20-hydroxyecdysone on larval mortality and metamorphosis in the kuruma prawn Marsupenaeus japonicus. Front Endocrinol 11:475 (2020)
グエン バン クアン 助教 / NGUYEN VAN QUAN Assistant Professor

自然物質およびそれらの農業および人間の健康保護への応用に焦点を当て、 具体的には糖尿病、肥満、 がんなどの慢性疾患の予防に関して研究しています。 さらに、 メタボロミクス研究を行い、さまざまな気象条件や環境圧力下での作物品種の反応メカニズムを解読しています。

Our group focuses on researching natural products and their applications in agriculture and human health protection, specifically in preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer. In addition, we conduct metabolomic studies to decode the reaction mechanisms of crop varieties under various weather and environmental pressures.

keywords:natural products, rice, anti-chronic diseases, anticancer, metabolomics, environmental stress

  1. Contribution of momilactones A and B to diabetes inhibitory potential of rice bran: Evidence from in vitro assays. Saudi Pharm J 27: 643-649 (2019)
  2. Antioxidant, α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities and potential constituents of Canarium tramdenum bark. Molecules 24: 605 (2019) 
  3. Anti-diabetes, anti-gout, and anti-leukemia properties of essential oils from natural spices Clausena indica, Zanthoxylum rhetsa, and Michelia tonkinensis. Molecules 27: 774 (2022)
PANAKKOOL THAMBAN Aneesh 助教 / Assistant Professor

Systematics, moult and reproductive physiology, ecology of parasitic crustaceans(especially isopods and copepods)infesting marine fauna including fishes, crustaceans and other invertebrates. Defined the protandric hermaphroditism in parasitic cymothoids, successfully tracked the lifecycle of cymothoids.

keywords:parasitic crustaceans, cymothoids, copepods, ecology, taxonomy & systematics, life cycle, physiology

  1. Review on the global distribution and hosts of the external fish parasitic isopod genus Renocila Miers, 1880,(Crustacea: Cymothoidae), with the description of a new species from Andaman Islands, India, and notes on new host record of Renocila bijui Aneesh & Bruce 2020.
    J. Nat. Hist. 55:43_44, 2761_2785(2022)
  2. A taxonomic review of the buccal-attaching fish parasite genus Lobothorax Bleeker, 1857 (Crustacea: Isopoda: Cymothoidae)with description of a new species from southwestern India. Zool. Stud. 60:13, 1-13(2021)
  3. Polychaete worm- a passive carrier for Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei in shrimp. Aquaculture, 545: 737187: 1_13(2021)
加藤 正暉 特任助教 / KATO Masaki Assistant Professor (Special Appointment)


My research focuses on the physiological functions of neuropeptides involved in the regulation of energy metabolism in chickens and quail. In particular, I focus on the relationship between the hypothalamus and adipose tissue, liver, and gonads.

keywords:neuroscience, metabolism, livestock, physiology, endocrinology

  1. A novel hypothalamic factor, neurosecretory protein GM, causes fat deposition in chicks. Front  Physiol 12:747473 (2021)
  2. Effect of stressors on the mRNA expressions of neurosecretory protein GL and neurosecretory protein GM in chicks. Front Physiol 13:860912 (2022)
  3. Expression of mRNAs encoding hypothalamic small proteins, neurosecretory protein GL and neurosecretory protein GM, in the Japanese quail, coturnix japonica. Zoolog Sci 41:50-59 (2024)
グエン マイン リン 特任助教 / NGUYEN MANH LINH Assistant Professor (Special Appointment)


I’m motivated to understand how plants function at a mechanistic level. My current projects aim to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying chemical priming-induced plant stress memory.

keywordsArabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa, auxin, plasmodesmata, vascular development, chemical priming, abiotic stress tolerance, plant stress memory

  1. Leaf vein patterning is regulated by the aperture of plasmodesmata intercellular channels. PLoS Biol 20, e3001781 (2022)
  2. Of cells, strands, and networks: Auxin and the patterned formation of the vascular system. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 13, (2021)
  3. GAL4/GFP enhancer-trap lines for identification and manipulation of cells and tissues in developing Arabidopsis leaves. Developmental Dynamics 249, 1127–1146 (2020)