Discussion Paper Series

2014年以降に発行されたDiscussion Paper Series,School of Economics, Hiroshima University のリストです。2013年以前のものおよび本文へのリンクのないものについては各著者または経済学会にお問い合わせください。

No.2023-3 Date: April,2023 

International environmental agreements among asymmetric countries for technological development: acollaboration with third-party organizations

Author: Nobuyuki Takashima

No.2023-2 Date:January,2023 

Endogenous bifurcation into environmental CSR and non-environmental CSR firms by activist shareholders.

Author: Yasunobu Tomoda, Yasunori Ouchida

No.2023-1 Date:January,2023 


Author: 瀧 敦弘・岡村 與子

No.2021-1 Date:March,2021 

International Environmental Agreements with International Financial Institutions

Author: Nobuyuki Takashima, Yasunori Ouchida

No. 2020-2 Date: March, 2020

Can global spillovers render tax competition harmless?

Author: Chikara Yamaguchi

No. 2020-1 Date: March, 2020

Advanced disposal fee vs. disposal fee: a monopolistic producer's durability choice model.

Author:Kinokuni H, Ohori S, Tomoda Y

No. 2019-2 Date: March, 2019

Strategic non-use of the government's precommitment ability for emissions taxation: Environmental R&D organization in a Cournot duopoly

Author: Yasunori Ouchida, Daisaku Goto

No. 2019-1 Date: March, 2019

R&D for eco-products and merger policy in a differentiated duopoly: Cournot and Bertrand equilibria

Author: Nobuyuki Takashima, Yasunori Ouchida

No. 2018-1 Date: March, 2018

Mixed education system and inequality

Author: Koichiro Sano

No. 2017-5 Date: March, 2017

Does CSR increase emission?

Author: Katsufumi Fukuda, Yasunori Ouchida

No. 2017-4 Date: March, 2017

Cooperative choice of corporate social responsibility and the double marginalization problem

Author: Yasunori Ouchida

No. 2017-3 Date: March, 2017


Author: 瀧 敦弘

No. 2017-2 Date: March, 2017

Tax coordination among moderate Leviathans

Author: Chikara Yamaguchi

No. 2017-1 Date: March, 2017

Time-consistent emission tax and socially responsible monopolist

Author: Katsufumi Fukuda, Yasunori Ouchida

No. 2016-2 Date: March, 2016

Discrimination and inequality in Japan

Author: Atsuhiro Taki

No. 2016-1 Date: March, 2016


Author: 瀧 敦弘

No. 2015-8 Date: March, 2015

Remittance services and bank profitability in Honduras

Author: Lynda Suzzeth, Sánchez Rosa, Miki Ishida

No. 2015-7 Date: March, 2015

Finding the driver: A case study of Indonesian government bond market

Author: Arif P.Sulistiono, Miki Ishida

No. 2015-6 Date: March, 2015

Quality-improving R&D and effective organization

Author: Yasunori Ouchida

No. 2015-5 Date: March, 2015

Environmental research joint ventures and time-consistent emission tax: Endogenous choice of R&D formation

Author: Yasunori Ouchida, Daisaku Goto

No. 2015-4 Date: March, 2015

Empirical examinations of the feldstein-horioka puzzle: Common factor panel and interval estimation approach

Author: Isamu Ginama, Kazuhiko Hayakawa, Takahiro Kanmei

No. 2015-3 Date: March, 2015

Bootstrap tests of production smoothing

Author: Isamu Ginama

No. 2015-2 Date: March, 2015

Cleaner production technology and emission tax in a differentiated duopoly

Author: Yasunori Ouchida, Makoto Okamura, Yukiko Orito

No. 2015-1 Date: March, 2015


Author: 瀧 敦弘

No. 2014-4 Date: March, 2014

A simple model of criminal behavior and enforcement policy

Author: Koichiro Sano

No. 2014-3 Date: March, 2014


Author: 瀧 敦弘

No. 2014-2 Date: March, 2014

Cournot duopoly and environmental R&D under regulator's precommitment to an emissions tax

Author: Yasunori Ouchida, Daisaku Goto

No. 2014-1 Date: March, 2014

Quality-improving R&D and collusion in production: The welfare performance of full coordination

Author: Yasunori Ouchida