Overview of the Global Career Design Center

The first facility of its kind at a Japanese national university

Aiming to provide consistent career support for undergraduates, graduate students, and young researchers

"The Student Employment Center" was established on May 1, 1998 as the first facility of its kind at a national university in Japan, with the aim of supporting students' job searching activities from a university-wide standpoint. The center's work has focused on providing students with the necessary information and know-how regarding looking for jobs, including job search counseling.

However, it became necessary for the university to shift its support strategy for students’ career development and job searching with an eye on the future, for the following reasons, (1) Changes in the image of human resources required by society, (2) Necessity of human resource development through goal-based education, (3) Changes in student employment circumstances. In order to support students in their career design from the time of admission to the future and to expand the employment support which is available for students, the university reorganized and expanded the "Student Employment Center" into the "Career Center" when the university was incorporated on April 1, 2004.

On July 1, 2014, the new "Global Career Design Center" was established. It integrated the "Career Center", which provided university-wide career and employment support for students, mainly for undergraduates and pre-doctoral (master's) students, and the "Young Research Human Resource Development Center", which provided career development support for doctoral students and young researchers.

The new center aims to expand and strengthen career development support for all students and young researchers, from undergraduate students to doctoral students and young researchers including international students.

Contents of Support

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