Contents of Support

We plan and provide consistent career support for all students (undergraduates, master’s students, doctoral students, and young researchers, including international students), in the hope that they will think about how they will live their lives in the future through experiencing university life.
Thinking about your career is thinking about how you want to live your life. Therefore, we support the students who are wondering "What do I want to do?", "What can I do?" and "What should I do?", by allowing them to think about their way of life through career and occupational choices in order to help them realize the answers to those questions.

Career and occupational choice support programs available for all students

We provide programs that give students the opportunity to think about their future career and occupational choices at an early stage and to develop their career design skills.

1. Lectures on "Introduction to University Education", a required course for first-year undergraduates
2. Provide career guidance within the Introductory Seminar for First-Year Students
3. Offer career education courses
4. Implementation of internships (including pre- and post-internship guidance)
5. Introduction of university management support services

Support programs for job seekers

We provide support to enable independent job searching in response to the difficult job market.

1. Conducting employment guidance sessions and seminars
・Basic and practical guidance sessions
・On-campus company seminars
・Industry seminars
・Civil service guidance sessions
・Practical job search seminars
・Seminars by students who have received job offers to join a company
・Joint company briefing sessions
2. Conducting job search support tours (Tokyo and Osaka)
・Participation in large-scale joint company briefing sessions
・Holding the graduate workshop
3. Distribution of the "Job Hunting Handbook"
4. Career counseling/Job counseling
5. Support through the career and employment system of the student information forest "MOMIJI" and "Caritas UC”
6. Job search support at the Tokyo Office

Support Programs for Doctoral Students

We provide human resources training and career support for doctoral students and young researchers in cooperation with local universities and companies.

1. Provide programs for career and skills development
・Long-Term Internship Program
・HIRAKU 3MT Competition
・Career design for highly innovative human resources
・Innovation Practice
・Collaborative workshops/programs with overseas professional organizations, etc.
2. Career counseling for doctoral students
3. Support through the IT system "Young Researcher Portfolio (HIRAKU-PF)", etc.