Job Information

Job openings

As a general rule, open to application job openings provided by companies and other organizations can be viewed through the 「キャリタスUC」"Caritas UC" career support cloud service. You can search for jobs by specifying the industry, location, and other criteria.

Please contact the faculty member in charge of employment at each faculty or graduate school for information on faculty-recommended job openings (university-recommended, department-recommended, etc.).


The login ID and password for "Caritas UC" is posted on the「進路・就職掲示」page of "MY MOMIJI". The title of the page is "「キャリタスUC(求人・インターンシップ検索システム)」ID・パスワードの年度更新/Job Information [進路・就職掲示/Message from the Career Center]  (yearly update)."

※All job openings on "Caritas UC" are posted in Japanese.

How to find job openings on Caritas UC

  1.  Login to "キャリタスUC".
  2.  Click  "「求人票・企業を探す」(search for job openings and companies)".
  3.  Click  "「フリーワード検索」(search by free word)".
  4.  Click  "「条件変更/詳細検索」(change search conditions / advanced search)".
  5.  After that, around the bottom of the page, click "「その他こだわり条件」(other special requirements)", and click the  recruitment target check box of "「外国人留学生採用実績あり」(companies with experience in hiring international students)".
  6.  Finally, click "「この条件で検索する」(search using these conditions)" at the very bottom of the page to search for applicable positions.