Career Counseling for Doctorate Students and Young Researchers

Career Counseling is available for doctorate students and young researchers who are planning their future career. We provide all kinds of advice on planning and choosing their career (Career Counseling), writing their RIREKI-SHO (Japanese for CV), preparing for and conducting job-hunting activities, applying for internships at enterprises, et. al.

Who are the Career Advisers?

Staff members at the Global Career Design Center.

Who is eligible?

Doctoral students, PhD research fellows and anyone who wants to enter a doctoral course.
If you are a student in a master’s or bachelor’s course, please click here (available in Japanese only).

What does a career adviser do?

A career adviser discusses the career plans of doctorate students or young researchers, and untangles concerns which they may have about their career pathways one by one.  
Also, an adviser holds meetings with anyone who wants to find a job and shows them how to write their RIREKI-SHO (CV) or what to do at a job interview. The student/young researcher will need to prepare a draft of their RIREKI-SHO (CV) to share with the adviser prior to the meeting, so that the adviser can provide thorough suggestions on the structure and the flow of the sentences within the document.

During a job interview counseling meeting, the adviser can show you the basic manner and etiquette to undertake for an interview. The adviser will also provide you with opportunities to participate in mock interviews with personnel from a company and teaching staff from various academic fields.
While experiencing these practices with people from different academic fields, the doctorate students and young researchers can build up the communication skills required to be able to explain anything effectively to anybody.

【EXAMPLES】Discussing your career development / receiving advice on your career or advancement / brushing up your skills for writing the RIREKI-SHO (CV) and communicating at a job interview / developing your presentation skills.

How can I book a career counseling appointment?

To book an appointment, please make use of the online booking system (Interview Request) within the HIRAKU-PF.
When using the HIRAKU-PF for the first time, please refer to the below web page's explanation, log in to the system, then book an appointment.