Tips to Start Job Searching Activities

(Example) Job searching schedule for those who will graduate or complete their program  

Job searching activities in Japan are unique in their scheduling, selection methods and other aspects. So we recommend that you start job searching while you are still in school. First, start by understanding the aspects of job searching in Japan and how the process is different from your own country.

Career Support Network for International Students in Japan

What is the "Career Support Network for International Students in Japan"?

It’s a system which is in place to enhance the available support for international students in regard to their job searching activities. It is only provided to university members with an official approval. Hiroshima University has attained this official approval and is a part of this system. For those who want to get a job in Japan, this system will explain to you the Japanese way of job searching and how to prepare for it. You can learn a great deal from the internet resource within just 24 hours. Also, the system provides information about job openings, which companies are eager to hire international students, guidance sessions, seminars, job fairs and so on. Please refer to the link below for details on how to register for it.

※ ID registration is required to use the "Career Support Network for International Students in Japan".

The Hiroshima Support Center for International Students (HiCIS)

The Hiroshima Support Center for International Students (HiCIS) is providing the following support to help international students with job searching.

  • Internships
  • Job searching activity practical seminar
  • Networking events for international students and companies    
  • Job fair for international students
  • Job search individual consultants
  • Employment and retention support business

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

JASSO is carrying out various support projects in regard to both the accepting and dispatching of exchange students, in order to promote international networking and exchange opportunities. JASSO provides useful information in regard to job searching and recruitment activities for international students studying in Japan so that they can find employment opportunities which fit their planned career designs. The "Job Hunting Guide for International Students", which can be found within the below link can be very helpful.