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(With members of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport during the assibnment in Combodia)

JICA Employee
Dispatch Destination : AY2006 ALMEC Corporation (Vietnam)
                                 AY2005 SATAKE CO., LTD. (Thailand)

Recent situation and thoughts on G.ecbo Program

For about three years until the end of 2020, I was involved in Cambodia's national development, including roads, ports, and urban development, as an infrastructure manager at the Cambodia Office. In 2021, I gave birth to my third son, and while raising my child, I am also involved in activities related to contributing to the community, such as PTA and women's empowerment.
In the past year, my lifestyle and perspective has taken a sharp turn from being globally involved in large-scale businesses to being locally focused and family-oriented, but I feel that there are some unexpected similarities. It is interesting to think about whether we can make the people in front of us happy, and whether we can realize our dreams through future-oriented co-creation.
Infrastructure development using ODA is often conceived from the Japanese perspective, partly due to Japan's strategy for overseas development of infrastructure, but I feel that it is important to always keep in mind the perspective of whether or not we are providing products and services that our partners, the Cambodian government and Cambodian people, will enjoy in the future. This is also true at home and in community activities. I feel that it is very important to go beyond "what I want to do" and think about "what the other person needs" and "what contribution I can make", in other words, "how I can make the person in front of me happy".
I also feel the importance of involving various actors in realizing a world that will bring joy to the children of the future, as many challenges remain for the future, such as climate change, poverty, and healthy living. I strongly feel that the time has come for us all to make our dreams come true. Looking back, I think that my ability to think from the perspective of consumers and my attitude of involving diverse members has its roots in my experience of blending into local life in Vietnam and Thailand with the G.ecbo Program, before I became a staff member of an aid organization, as well as the time I spent in the university research lab that was full of international students.
Every day, I challenge myself to think about what I can do for the community as a human being, what impact I can make by involving the people around me, and what kind of world I can leave for the children of the future, transcending my perspective as an employee of an aid organization.

(As an intern at ALMEC Corporation (Vietnam), AY2006.) 

(At a career seminar about social infrastructure environmental engineering, AY2021)


"Your dreams will come true, if you can draw them. Write a profile of who you want to be in 20-30 years!"
"You can have it both ways, you can do all you want to do, and you can make it."