Academic Year 2015

G.ecbo and Job Hunting

Shouta IKEDA (Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Department of Environmental Dynamics and Management )

Job offer from Continental Automotive Technical Specialist 

G.ecbo internship: Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences, Silliman University(July-Aug. 2014)

Taiki NII (Department of Quantum Matter, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter)

Job offer from DENSO Inc.

G.ecbo Internship: Griffith University(July-Aug. 2014)

To be global!! Alumni working internationally

Kazuhiro NANBA

-International Affairs at Hokkaido University

G.ecbo Internship: AY2008, ICLEI _ Local Governments for Sustainability (the Philippines)


-Customer Service Dept. Toyota Tsusho

G.ecbo Internship: AY2009, ICLEI _ Local Governments for Sustainability (the Philippines)