Alumni:Kei IIYAMA(Toyota Tsusho)

G.ecbo internship: ICLEI _ Local Governments for Sustainability (the Philippines) in FY2009

I work for a trading company, exporting and selling Japanese automobiles overseas.  I visit countries such as Zambia and Cambodia every two month in order to make progress by finding out issues that those countries have. If I were to describe the five years since I joined the company, I would place importance on "hands-on" style.  In order to establish reliable relations with local people and set up appropriate policies to make progress, it is essential to visit and communicate with them. 

Please describe your five years at work with one phrase.

“Hands-on policy”

Opportunities in which you take advantage of your experience/what you learned via the intern.  

Recalling the internship, I think my current occupation relates to my experience in the G.ecbo program. Back then, since I studied waste disposal issues in the Philippines, I went to islands, visiting institutions such as municipal governments, non-profit organizations, waste disposal facilities, etc. Through the research, I recognized the importance of communicating with people, listening and seeing by myself. I take advantage of what I learned in the program at work.  I'm scheduled to be dispatched to India from April. Now, I would like to work by putting importance on my motto, "hands-on".

(At an auto sales business in Zambia)