Alumni:Kazuhiro NANBA(International Affairs at Hokkaido University)

G.ecbo internship: ICLEI _ Local Governments for Sustainability (the Philippines) in FY2008

(At the Baguio City Hall, the Philippines)

Hello everyone. I studied at a master course of Division of Development Science, Graduate school for International Development and Cooperation. After I finished the master's course, I was employed by a non-profit organization, the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE),the Japan International Cooperation Agency, as a contract worker and currently I work for the Office of International Affairs at Hokkaido University. These six years have passed so quickly with various experiences, but thanks to support and help by many, I have come to be what I am now.  For example, soon after I begun to work in Uzbekistan, though I was in a supervising position I could not give instructions to local employees. During the period, I felt very sorry about it. However, this experience taught me it's important to continue to work step by step.

Opportunities in which you take advantage of your internship experience/ what you learned via the program?

Working at a university, I remember what I learned thorough the G.ecbo program. In particular, I wrote my master's thesis based on field research in which I could take advantage my intern experiences. So, G. ecbo provided me with a precious opportunity. Currently, because I'm engaged in a job related to studying overseas, I'm dealing with my job step by step, remembering my old days.

(At Chaikhana (an Uzbek style cafe) on the way to Shahrisabz)