i-ECBO Program

Explorers of International Cooperation Studies to Cross Borders

  • About i-ECBO program
  • Application guide, List of forms to be submitted
  • Host Institutions (Please refer to Annex attached Application guide)
  • Given the nature of the internship and the level of efficiency in English required at host institutions, i-ECBO program is only for the students registered in Hiroshima University Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC).

Program Overview

The i-ECBO (Explorers of International Cooperation Studies to Cross Borders) program is an educational program of the Hiroshima University Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC) for training highly skilled international-level specialists.
The program is intended to impart specialized knowledge, technical skills, and designing skills while internship abroad is experienced. Through solving problems encountered locally, students are trained to become practical researchers (international coordinators) who will be leaders in the field of international cooperation.
There are differences in when, how long, and where the internship is carried out. The program is held throughout most of the year. Through this program it is also possible to earn academic credits.

※Designing skill is the ability to apprehend a problem correctly, and to integrate knowledge and technical skill in finding a practical solution to problems that do not necessarily have a single answer.

Program Objective

〇 Understanding developing countries
〇 Experience international cooperation firsthand
〇 Discover problem areas in international cooperation
〇 Give the students of IDEC the benefit of your experiences

〇 Sustained creation of practical researchers in international cooperation

Who can apply?

〇 Students registered in Hiroshima University IDEC,
〇 who have a strong interest in the problems faced by developing countries, or in cases concerning international cooperation,
〇 who have outstanding personalities, and are mentally and physically healthy, and
〇 who have a sufficient level of foreign language skills for internship abroad

Contact to i-ECBO Program Office

i-ECBO Program Office (IDEC 1st Floor, Student Support Office) 
Graduate School for International Development & Cooperation, 
Hiroshima University 1-5-1 Kagamiya, Higashi-Hiroshima 
739-8529, Japan

+81-(0)82-424-6902 / 6906

iecbo@hiroshima-u.ac.jp (Please replace @ to appropriate font.)