Animal Breeding and Genetics


We are mainly working in the research fields of
1) QTL analysis for economic traits of chickens
2) phylogenetic analysis for chicken breeds
3) analysis for mutations in chickens and quail
4) preservarion of bioresources in chickens and quail (Tsudzuki, M.)
5) Molecular phylogenetic study based on genome and gene function of animals and birds (Nishibori, M.)
6) Establishment of biotechnologies that are robustly available across the animal species to apply for the genetic resource preservation at a cellular level as well as for the human infertility clinic.
At present, we are tackling the preservation of fertility as well as efficient production of sperm and eggs from surrogate parents through the development and improvement of techniques for the manipulation of germline stem cells including culture, cryopreservation and transplantation in birds and mammals. (Nakamura, Y.)


QTL, Chicken, Phylogenesis, DNA identification



Distribution of junglefowls in Asia

Distribution of junglefowls in Asia

"Onagadori" breed in native Japanese chickens

"Onagadori" breed in native Japanese chickens

Recent Publications

Goto T, Ishikawa A, Onitsuka S, Goto N, Fujikawa Y, Umino T, Nishibori M, and Tsudzuki M, (2011) Mapping quantitative trait loci for egg production traits in an F2 intercross of Oh-Shamo and White Leghorn chickens. Anim Genet 42: 634-641.

Tsudzuki M, (2008) Mutations of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) and recent advances of molecular genetics for this species. J Poult Sci 45: 159-179.

Osman SAM, Sekino M, Nishihata A, Kobayashi Y, Takenaka W, Kinoshita K, Kuwayama T, Nishibori M, Yamamoto Y, and Tsudzuki M, (2006) The genetic variability and relationships of Japanese and foreign chickens assessed by microsatellite DNA profiling. Asian-Aust J Anim Sci 19: 1369-1378.


Professor Tsudzuki, M.
Associate Professor Nishibori, M.
Assistant Professor Nakamura, Y.



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