Department of Environmental Dynamics and Management

Modeling and Management of Environmental Dynamics Division

This division provides educational and research programs for studying material cycle systems of model areas thereby predicting temporal changes in land and aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore, based on current assessment and future projections, we seek to develop appropriate technologies for the management and mitigation of ecosystems disturbed by human activities.

Land-Atmosphere Interactions / Atmosphere -Hydrosphere Interactions / Aquatic Ecosystem Management / Plant Nutritional Physiology / Management of Coastal Marine Environment / Land Ecosystem Management

Assessment of Environmental Dynamics Division

This division aims to study the dynamics and management of the biosphere based on analytical and assessment approaches. Research activities extend to all biomes from the ocean bottom to high-mountain glaciers, to all organisms from single-celled bacteria to gigantic whales, and to all bio-related materials from inorganic nutrients to various complex organic compounds. The major research focus is placed on bio-production mechanisms, food chain dynamics and material cycling in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Marine Ecosystem Dynamics /  Monitoring and Assessment of Marine Ecosystem / Conservation and Management of Coastal Ecosystems / Evaluation of Plant Environment / Plant Environmental Science / Assessment of Microbial Environment