Department of Bioresource Science

Animal Science Division

The goal of this division is to discover novel functions in animals and applying such discoveries for the technological advancement of domestic animal production. The research will contribute to sustainable and efficient production of safe food for humans derived from animal products. Current research fields are: breeding and genetics based on modern genomic analysis, reproductive biology and biotechnology for enhanced reproductive performance, applied nutritional physiology and feed evaluation for improved nutritional management, ecology and neurophysiology for better animal management and viability, and fundamental histology and molecular physiology to enhance veterinary production and health.

Animal Breeding and Genetics / Animal Reproduction / Animal Nutrition and Feeding / Animal Behavior and Physiology / Animal Histophysiology

Aquatic Biology Division

For efficient stock enhancement, stable supply and sustainable utilization of economic aquatic organisms and for aquatic environmental conservation, the Aquatic Biology course provides education and conducts various types of research to clarify their reproductive and survival strategy, their relationship with environmental factors, and devising methods to evaluate their genetic diversity. This course also deals with the neural control mechanisms of aquatic animal behavior and infection strategies and epidemiology of viral and bacterial diseases in fishes and shellfishes as well as their metabolic pathways and intracellular signal systems.

Fish Neurobiology / Aquatic Pathology / Benthos Ecology / Biology of Aquatic Resources / Aquatic Biochemistry / Aquaculture / Aquatic Botany

Food and Resource Economics Division

We pay attention to various activities of human food production in the biosphere by analyzing the integrated cycles of food production, distribution, consumption, and disposal. We research on the social systems of food production, distribution and consumption that harmonize with the environment, and explore positive prospects for regional resource management derived from socio-economic view points.

Food Production Management / Agricultural Marketing

Field Science in Setouchi Areas Division

This division aims towards building sustainable food production systems as well as establishing founding a society with an environmentally-sound material cycle anchored on research activities in the terrestrial and aquatic fields. We especially emphasize educational and research activities grounded on field work focusing on the ecology of terrestrial animals and marine life.

Terrestrial Field Science / Aquatic Field Science