Animal Reproduction


The Laboratory of Animal Reproduction conducts various studies on artificial manipulations of germ cells, and biochemical and molecular analyses of maturation, ovulation and fertilization of oocytes aiming at the improvement and preservation of livestock resources.

1) Reproductive endocrinology (Shimada, M.)
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Sperm, Oocyte, Ovulation, Fertilization



Semen collection from Onagadori

Semen collection from Onagadori

Ovulating follicle

Ovulating follicle

Recent Publications

Kawashima, I., Liu, Z., Mullany, L.K., Mihara, T., Richards, J.S., Shimada, M. (2012) EGF-like factors induce expansion of the cumulus cell-oocyte complexes by activating calpain-mediated cell movement. Endocrinology 153: 3949-3959.

Noma, N., Kawashima, I., Fan, H.Y, Fujia, Y., Kawai, T., Tomoda, Y., Mihara, T., Richards, J.S., Shimada, M.(2011)LH induces Neuregulin 1 (NRG1) type III specific transcripts that interact with EGF-like factor pathways to control granulosa cell differentiation and oocyte maturation.Mol. Endocrinol. 25: 104-116.

Fujita, Y., Mihara, T., Okazaki, T., Shitanaka, M., Kushino, R., Ikeda, C., Negishi, H., Liu, Z., Richards, J.S., Shimada, M. (2011) Toll-like receptors (TLR) 2 and 4 on human sperm recognize bacterial endotoxins and mediate apoptosis. Hum. Reprod. 26: 2799-2806.

Fan, H.Y., Liu, Z., Shimada, M., Sterneck, E., Johnson, P.F., Hedrick, S.M., Richards, J.S. (2009)ERK1/2 in ovarian granulosa cells are critical for female fertility. Science, 324: 938-941.