We have an agreement with the following accommodation so that patient or patient’s family who need stay overnight can use.

How to use the accommodation

  1. Please receive Accommodation Agreement Use Ticket (協定宿泊施設利用券: Kyotei Syukuhaku Shisetu Riyo Ken) from our hospital.
  2. After you decide the accommodation date, book the following accommodations please.
    (Please tell them to be introduced by Hiroshima university hospital with “the Accommodation Agreement Use Ticket”.)
  3. When you check in the accommodation, please present the “Accommodation Agreement Use Ticket”

Accommodation Information

  • Via Inn Hiroshima Shinkansenguchi
    Address: 1-6 Matsubaracho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima 732-0822
    TEL: 082-568-5489 (Overseas: +81-82-568-5489)
    About a 3-minute walk from Hiroshima Station North Exit.
  • Hotel New Hiroden
    Address: 14-9, Osuga-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima 732-0821
    TEL: 082-263-3456 (Overseas: +81-82-263-3456)
    About a 3-minute walk from Hiroshima Station South Exit.

Please book the accommodation by yourself.
If you cancel, you have to tell the accommodation. 
 (You do not need to return the Accommodation Agreement Use Ticket.)
If you get in trouble in the accommodation, we cannot get involved in that. 

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