Disclosure of Medical Record Information

Hiroshima University Hospital holds up the “right to receive and know satisfactory and sufficient explanations” as one of the “patients” rights” as well as the participation in medicine.
We are aiming to offer better medical cares to patients by listening to any doubts and questions about their diseases and medical treatments and providing them sufficient explanations.
However, when patients regard it as insufficient and would like to know further details of disease, Hiroshima University Hospital discloses medical records by the following procedures:

  1. Medical information is disclosed to the patient himself/herself. Please ask us in advance. We will explain to you how to apply based on the related regulations.
  2. If the applicant is not the patient, procedures to check the qualifications will be required in order to respect the patient’s privacy.
  3. The applicant shall bear expenses that are specified separately, such as a fee for making photocopies of medical records.
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