Life in Our Hospital

Moving to another bedroom

Our hospital provides specialized medical care and highly-advanced emergency medical care to those who are in a serious condition like an acute care hospital.

  • You may not be able to use the bedroom you would like to according to the circumstances.
  • If we accept a patient who is in a serious condition, we may ask you to move to another bedroom. 
  • We may ask to leave earlier or move to another hospital depending on the circumstances.
  • We may require you to leave our hospital if you disturb other patients by using inappropriate language, have a disruptive attitude or not follow the doctor, nursing staff or other hospital staff instructions.

Private Room

If you would like to use a private room, please ask our doctor.
Private Room Fee is as below.
   e.g.) 2 DAYS (Private Room B) 
        → 11,000 YEN × 2 DAYS = 22,000 YEN

Private Room Two-bedroom
Room (A): 40.6m2 Room (B): 21.4m2 Room (C): 17.05m2
Lounge set, Fridge, TV, Basin, stacking chair, bathroom, restroom, kitchen, Phone, closet Bedside cabinet, Rocker, Fridge, TV, Basin, stacking chair, Shower room, restroom Bedside cabinet, Rocker, Fridge, TV, Basin, Chair, Table, Sofa bed
20,900 YEN (1day) 11,000 YEN (1day) 3,300 YEN (1day)

The following services are only for Private Room (A).

  • Sheets
    We change the sheets every day.
    (If you do not need to change the sheets, please tell our staff or put the door hanger on the door handle.)
  • Hospital gown
    It is free and we change it every day.
  • Towels
    We prepare bath towels and change them every day.
  • Newspaper
    We deliver "Chugoku Shimbun (中国新聞)" every day.
  • TV/Fridge
    It is complimentary service.
  • Air conditioning


One Meal : 460 YEN*

*This cost will be different if you are low income earners.
  (Please ask insurance provider the details.)

Meal Times Breakfast Lunch Dinner
8:00 ~ 9:00 12:00 ~ 13:00 18:00 ~ 19:00

We prepare meals for all patients based on your medical condition and instructions of our doctor. 
Please have your meal within the meal time. Also, please avoid bringing food made at home and avoid eating out.
Some meal needs a spoon, so bring your own spoon please. 
Our hospital serves special menu (We have two menus.). If you would like to order the special menu, you need to pay an additional fee (200 YEN) at each meal. (If you cancel just before meal time, we charge you a cancelation fee.) 
We will give you an application form at lunch time on weekdays. If you wish to eat the special menu, please fill in the application form and put it in the box in the Day Room by 13:45. Breakfast and Dinner next day will be changed to the special menu. 
We do not serve the special menu on Saturdays, Sundays and January first to third.

Lights-out time

Lights-out time 21:00

PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE anywhere on our hospital property.

Mobile Phone/PHS

We try to maintain a quiet environment for medical treatment. So, please use your phone or PHS on silent mode and call someone in the sun room or the day room.

Going out/Staying out

If you would like to go out or stay out, you need our doctor’s permission. Please ask our doctor or nursing staff early.

If you would like to go along to watch

In our hospital, 1 nurse takes care of 7 patients for 24 hours generally. You do not need to accompany a patient. However, if you wish to stay with the patient, please ask our doctor.

Hospital School (2nd Floor, Inpatient Ward)

We provide a compulsory education support system for kids. If you would like to enroll your kid in hospital school, please ask our doctor.


Please follow our staff instructions when you evacuate from our hospital. 
There is a fire escape on every floor. Please check where it is when you stay in our hospital.
PLEASE do not use elevator in an emergency.

Oral Care

We recommend some inpatients to receive some examinations at our dental department.
These examinations fee is not included in the hospital charge.

Inpatient and Visitor Information To provide safe medical care