Credit & Grading System

UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme System (UCTS)

Hiroshima University is actively promoting the use of the UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) Credit Transfer Scheme or UCTS in student exchanges.

  • UMAP is a voluntary association of government and non-government representatives of the higher education (university) sector in the Asia-Pacific region, which strives to achieve enhanced international understanding through increased mobility of university students and staff. UCTS now has a new definition to fit actual needs in Asian and Pacific region, while still maintaining easy conversion with ECTS. Under this new concept, UMAP can promote credit transfer among many institutions in Asia and Pacific on a one to one basis, so that we can create UMAP credit conversion-free zone. Moreover, this new-UCTS will also allow credit transfer with European universities in ONE (1) UCTS=1.5 or 1.6 ECTS basis.  


  • A new-UCTS (from 2013) defines; ONE (1) UCTS point = 38-48 hours of student workload. Moreover, these 38-48 hours of workload include 13-16 hours of lectures
  • In this respect, ONE (1) credit at Hiroshima University will be considered as ONE (1) UCTS from now on.
  • [The Japanese government defines the concept of ONE credit in Japan is equivalent to 45 hours of workload, includes 15-30 hours of lectures and exercises, or 30-45 hours of experiments, practical training, and skills practice]
  • If your university defines your ONE (1) credit is inside of range 38-48 hours of student workload or 13-16 hours of teaching, your university and Hiroshima University can consider transferring our credits on a one to one using this new concept of UCTS.
  • All students enrolled in the HUSA program will receive an academic transcript, which lists both the number of Hiroshima University credits and its equivalent in UCTS credit points.
  • Students applying for the HUSA program should select and list courses in the form of ‘UMAP Study Plan’ and have the form signed by academic staff at both their home and the host institutions.

More Information

  • For more information about the UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme, contact (UCTS expert, Taiji Hotta)

Grading System (UCTS)

Hiroshima University Grade UCTS Scale* (%)
S - Excellent 100-90 A - Excellent 10
A - Very good 89-80 B - Very Good 25
B - Good 79-70 C - Good 30
C - Satisfactory 69-60 D - Satisfactory 25
D - Fail 59-0 F - Fail 10
No equivalent at Hiroshima University E - Sufficient -
FX - Fail -


 * Successful students normally achieving grade