Student Status

Students selected in the HUSA program will have the status as a Special Auditing Student during their exchange period at Hiroshima University.

Special Auditing Student 特別聴講学生(とくべつちょうこうがくせい)

[Undergraduate Student or Graduate Student]

Japanese Immigration Law requires Special Auditing Students to take at least 10 hours of classes per week, meaning students have the requirement to take at least 7 courses per semester except intensive courses and to successfully complete courses.
Whether the credits taken at Hiroshima University can be transfered to the program in the students' home university is up to the decision of the home university.

Schools for Undergraduate Students

School for Graduate Students

  Graduate level students are able to select shool from 3 graduate schools as below;


Please refer to Course Types to see the courses offered in each shool.


Special Research Student 特別研究学生(とくべつけんきゅうがくせい)

[Graduate Student ONLY]

Hiroshima University accepts Special Research Students without the HUSA Scheme.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars 

*If you wish to study at Hirosima University as a Special Research Students who conduct research in their special area and do not obtain credits, please contact us at (kokusai-ryugaku[at] through the exchange coordinator at your home institution with specifying below;

  •   Your name
  •   Home institution
  •   Graduate school at Hiroshima University you wish to belong to
  •   Your field of study
  •   Intended period of study

  Please kindly wait for the reply from the appropriate department.