Facility Usage

The MBL is opened for all researchers and students studying marine biology regardless of the university.

If you would like to use the facility or visit MBL to collect coastal organisms, please contact us with (1) Application form, (2) User name list, (3) Organisms collection request (if you need) by e-mail at rinkai-jimu*hiroshima-u.ac.jp (Note: *must be converted into at sign) at least two weeks before the date of use.

As a general rule, all facilities of MBL are available on weekdays.
Please note that we may not be able to meet your request during the summer (from August to October) due to other practical training courses. Click here for more information about the available facilities and equipment.
Application form (MS Word format), User name list (MS Excel format), and Organisms collection request (MS Excel format) can be downloaded from here.

Infectious Disease Countermeasures at the MBL

Considering the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a guideline for infectious disease countermeasures and have been asking visitors to use the facilities in keeping with the guideline since August 2020. Please read the guideline before visiting MBL and plan your activities to comply with it. Because the guideline will be updated according to the action and policies by Hiroshima University, government, and public institutions, please make sure that the guideline is the latest. Please note the following two points before you use. If these are not observed, you may be asked to stop using the facility regardless of the start date or during use. All the details of the compliance items are described in the guidelines.

  • Activities and behavior in compliance with the guideline.
  • Submission of the Health Checklist (download from bellow and fill it) for 8 days prior to the visit, including the day of the visit.

Inquiries about the usage of the MBL facilities are always welcome. If you have any questions, please contact with us!

"Guideline for Infectious Disease Countermeasures" (PDF format, Japanese) and "Health Checklist" (MS Excel format, English) can be downloaded from here.


  • As a general rule, please collect experimental organisms by the visitors themselves.
  • As a general rule, it is not possible for visitors to use the facility’s vessels alone.
  • If you are going to collect marine organisms with snorkeling or SCUBA diving, please note it in the remarks column of the application form.
  • If you need assistants for your activity, please note it in the remarks column of the application form.
  • If you want to take photos or videos of organisms and inside the MBL facilities, please be sure to get permission from the director of MBL beforehands.
  • As for accommodation, the number of rooms is limited. Please submit your application form as soon as possible.
  • As a general rule, we ask you to use the facility on weekdays.
  • No boards are provided, and you can cook at facility’s kitchen. It is a little bit inconvenient for those who cannot visit by car, because there is no supermarkets around the MBL. You can use the facility's bicycles to go out for shopping instead.
  • Please check here (coming soon!) for information on access to MBL.
  • Many insects such as mosquitos appear during summer. We provide liquid mosquito repellents but we recommend you to bring your own medicine for insect bite and insect repellent spray etc.
  • Visitors can use accommodation facilities, a laboratory where seawater is available, and equipment such as an upright microscope, a stereomicroscope, etc.
  • Visitors cannot bring genetically modified organisms in from outside or produce it in our laboratory.

Equipment list

  • Seawater, filtered seawater, pure water, ultrapure water (Milli-Q water).
  • Aquarium tank (outdoor and indoor), air pump.
  • Upright microscope, stereomicroscope.
  • Glass wares.
  • Incubator.
  • Thermostatic room (26˚C and 14˚C constant).
  • Lab refrigerator (4˚C), freezer (-20˚C, -30˚C), deep freezer (-80˚C).