Message from Dean

Toward the sustainable production of foods and the utilization of biological resources


Yoshihiro Sambongi, D.Agr. 
Dean, School of Applied Biological Science  Hiroshima University


  • Purpose of the School of Applied Biological Science

Hiroshima University now intends to create "Science for Sustainable Development," with the concept of a new peace science.  The School of Applied Biological Science strives to contribute to the activity of Hiroshima University in the aspect of agricultural science.  The particular purpose of this school is to cultivate human resources that contribute to society with a wide perspective toward the sustainable production of foods and the utilization of biological resources. 


  • Academic areas of this school

This school, to the admitted students up to academic year of 2018, offers five major programs or specialized courses, namely, Integrated Ecoscience, Fishery Biology, Animal Science, Food Science, and Applied Molecular & Cellular Biology.  The school covers a wide range of academic areas, extending beyond the science underlying agricultural and fishery industries, from molecular biology to the science of food development and its distribution, to the science of environments where living organisms are cultivated. 


  • Future of this school

This school will commemorate its 70th anniversary in the 2019 academic year.  From 2019, this school will be committed to educating and researching with renewed organizational structure based on the previous track record.  In order to pursue sustainable development, it is vital that academic areas cooperate with each other while nurturing their own expertise.  Students can gain knowledge in biological resources in seas and on lands that are directly affected by environments.  Students can then create wisdom in finding values added as food materials from biological resources and in giving the resulting food products back to the human society.  Furthermore, students can learn molecular biology in depth aiming at agricultural science.  Global expansion related to all areas studied at this school also lies within the scope of the students.  

The names of the new programs are Integrative Hydrosphere Science, Applied Animal and Plant Science, Food Science, and Molecular Agro-Life Science.  In addition, a program of Applied Biological Science is supposed to be created.  These programs will enable us to approach the goal of cultivating human resources contributing to society from a wide perspective toward the sustainable production of foods and the utilization of biological resources.  


  • Up-and-coming students

Through studying at this school, students can gain knowledge and create wisdom in agricultural science leading to the sustainable production of foods and the utilization of biological resources with a greater awareness than ever of the relationships between specialized academic areas more.  As the academic staff, comprising more than 70 members, we would like students to become talented individuals who participate actively and develop an interdisciplinary perspective.  The school's nearly 6,000 graduates are also powerful friends. 

  • This home page

This home page introduces the educational and research activities of this school.  In addition to lectures, experiments, and overseas practice, you will see that the school has fulfilling facilities such as research farms, a training factory for food processing, a fishery station, and a training and research vessel.  You can be a major actor or actress in the work created at this school.  Let's learn together!