Message from Dean

Toward the sustainable production of foods and the utilization of biological resources

SHIMADA Masayuki 
Dean, School of Applied Biological Science  Hiroshima University


The school of Applied Biological Science is studying practical sciences related to biology. In other words, it can be said that it is a school that has both the characteristics of the Department of Biology in School of Science and the characteristics of School of Agriculture. Then, in the practical sciences related to biology, Food is set as the center in our school, and we have the following five programs focusing on the production of food resources and their environment, food processing, and health by food. Integrative Hydrosphere Science Program specializes aquatic animals, plants and aquatic environment, Applied Animal and Plant Science Program is focusing on land animals and plants, Food Science Program specializes food processing and food health, and in Molecular Agro-life Science Program, the students learn advanced biology and life science related to food. Applied Biological Science Program is a program to study bioproduction science from a global perspective.
In our programs, students not only learn and research cutting-edge biology but also can acquire practical skills in fields related to food science and the environmental science. Our school has one of the largest university farms in western Japan that is a model of smart agriculture and smart dairy farm. The TOYOSHIO MARU is the only university-owned survey ship in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions and is utilized for onboard or practical training in marine biology and hydrosphere environmental studies. We have a training factory for food processing where our students can experience various food processing. Our curriculum is designed so that all students can take the experimental trainings conducted at above research facilities. In addition, in the liberal arts classes at the first year, as an internship program for the first year, all our students practice farm works.
A feature of the curriculum of School of Applied Biological Science is that the program is decided by the second year. Students can decide whether they want to go onto the program that they wanted at the time of admission or whether they want to study in another program after taking basic specialized subjects and experimental training. Through choosing their own area of expertise, students can think about their career plans and actively learn by themselves. Even in the questionnaire to graduates, this curriculum, which decides the specialized field after studying and experiencing, is highly evaluated. We have also achieved a high employment rate for food-related companies and the agricultural sector in administrative agencies. 
The faculty member in School of Applied Biological Science is a researcher with a high reputation worldwide in each field and belongs to the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life. About half of the graduates of our school go on to the graduate school and carry out the world's most advanced research activities with faculty members. 
The environment surrounding the university is constantly changing. On the other hand, many of the life phenomena and food-related problems are immutable. The School of Applied Biological Science does not change the basis of studying " practical sciences related to biology ", but our school will adapt what is necessary in our special field. We will contribute to the fields related to food of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as "science leading to sustainable development" advocated by Hiroshima University.