[2024-07-25 / Online / #2] Career Consultation for the PhD Students & Postdocs

If you are a PhD student or postdoc who is currently looking for a job or internship but are experiencing challenges, please join this meeting and raise any questions or concerns you have with the Career Centre members. The Career Centre members will provide you with some helpful advice.
We welcome anyone who is about to receive their degree but has not yet found a job, anyone who is unsure how to find a job in Japan, anyone who is undecided about whether to work in academia or industry, and anyone who wants to do an internship but is having difficulty finding a place to apply.


Thursday, 25 July, 2024

Please participate in the session in the language you prefer. Feel free to come and go, and ask questions.

14:30-15:00 English Session
15:10-15:40 Chinese Session
15:50-16:20 Japanese Session


Pre-registration is required to attend each event. Please access the link or QR code for each event you wish to attend and fill out the registration form. Your access information will be sent back to you shortly, so please keep it until you attend the event. This meeting is limited to 90 participants.

* No cancellation notice is required.
* Please refrain from spreading access information.


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