Aoi SOHARA (Graduate School of Letters)

Job offer from  a company involved in educationInterned at Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia
  (September 2017, for 29 days)

-About the survey ?


As part of a survey about education in senior high school and university in Indonesia, I introduced Japanese culture and history. I am studying educational history and so I presented content related to education in Japan.

- What left an impression on you?


A student said to me “After hearing your lectures, I really want to study in Japan.” I really wanted the students to learn more about Japan and I had done a lot of preparation for those classes so I’m glad that the students got the message. The student who said that to me is now studying in Japan. I am very happy that I was able to raise the students’ motivation to study Japanese.

- What was the best thing you got out of your internship?


 Many of the students in the Japanese classes started learning the Japanese language after becoming interested in Japanese culture such as anime and manga. The history and culture of Japan and Indonesia are totally different. They are totally different but by recognizing these differences we are able to understand each other. This seems like something to be taken for granted but it is actually very difficult. My internship gave me the opportunity to realize this anew. I feel that the students in Indonesia taught me what attitudes will become even more important in society as globalization advances further.


- Why did you choose this company or this industry?


 I strongly felt that I wanted to do work involving education in my internship. I felt attracted to supporting students closely in their dreams to achieve entry to a university.


- What influence has your internship had on your job-hunting activities?


As I had many opportunities to make presentations during the advance training for my internship, I was able to speak confidently at my interview. Education is becoming more globalized and I felt that I could definitely use this experience in my work.

- What is your future goal?


I hope to continue developing in this new environment and always be willing to take on new challenges. I hope to keep my antenna out for picking up information about the education situation overseas and incorporate that in my work. I want to be the kind of working adult who can show children a future with many choices.

- What advice can you share with those who are graduating after you?


My time as an intern through the G.ecbo Program was not all fun but the teachers and the students there supported me. We are still in contact even now and I help them with their Japanese language studies. One of the students has had their dream of studying in Japan come true. I’m very proud to have help support that dream. I can truly say that experience has helped to make me who I am now.

  I’m not good at Indonesian or English. A number of times I couldn’t communicate very well and felt frustrated. For those students who have a strong desire to achieve something, I urge you to apply to the G.ecbo Program. So long as you don’t give up, you will certainly find your path. You are only a student once. Make sure you don’t have any regrets.