1. Visiting patients is allowed in the following cases;
    A) Date of hospital admission and discharge
    B) Surgery or Examination requiring family members to wait
    C) In case of requesting you to come to our hospital
    D) Pick up and deriver necessary luggage during hospitalization
    E) As deemed necessary by a doctor
  2.  When visiting a patient, please wear a safety mask, stay in small groups for a short time as much as possible (except waiting for operation).
  3.  Please refrain from visiting patients with fever, fatigue, cough, or other cold symptoms, even if it is necessary visit.
  4. When visiting, please fill out a visitor's card at the counter on the 1st floor of the Inpatient Ward.
  5. Please disinfect your hands with alcohol before entering the Inpatient Ward.

Allowable Time

A.M 10:00 ~ 12:00
P.M 15:00 ~ 20:00

Please receive a badge and fill in a visitor reception form at the following places when you visit a patient.
We require you to put a badge on your clothes or bag.

  • 1st Floor, the Inpatient Ward (Information desk) (8:30 ~ 20:00)
  • After-Hours Entrance (Security Office)      (20:00 ~ 8:30)
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