Department of Oral Implant

Introduction of departments

Our department provides restorative and prosthodontic treatments. Restorative treatments are for the defective tooth, by fixed restorations, crown made with metals, resin, ceramics and zirconia. Prosthodontic treatments are for edentulous and the partially edentulous patient with missing teeth by fixed or removable prosthodontics and implant supported superstructures. Especially, in terms of edentulous patients, we provide BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System). BPS is the particular system designed to work with the body in a biologically harmonious way, maximizing function, and giving comfort and natural appearance to the patient. And recently we are researching “oral frailty”, “sarcopenia” and “oral hypofunction”. We sure that these are possible to be prevented or improve by some intervention of recent rehabilitation methods.

Research content

  1. Development and clinical application of new materials for oral implants.
  2. Development of "bio-hybrid" artificial bone made of interconnected porous hydoroxyapatite and mesenchymal stem cells.
  3. Biomechanics analysis of prostheses and their surrounding bone supported by implants.
  4. Elucidation of the effect of prosthodontic treatments on the quality of life of elderly people.
  5. Removal prosthodontics and swallowing function of elderly people.
  6. Development and clinical application of functional oral rehabilitation utilizing tongue pressure measurement.
  7. Oral hypofunction in the older population