Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Introduction of departments

We provide imaging diagnosis for patients who are having treatment of oral and maxillofacial lesions and are accepting consultation for external radiotherapy and brachytherapy for oral cancers.
This department performs following examinations or treatment.

  1. Intraoral radiography
  2. Panoramic radiography
  3. Radiography for head and neck
  4. Radiography for temporomandibular joint
  5. Cephalometric Radiography
  6. Cone beam CT (Computed Tomography)
  7. Ultrasonography
  8. Examination of swallowing
  9. Consultation for radiotherapy for oral cancers and follow-up of radiotherapy patients

Research content

  1. Radiographic study to screen osteoporosis using panoramic radiographs of the jaw
  2. Radiographic study on osteomyelitis
  3. Study of radiation dosimetry in X-ray region for diagnosis
  4. Study on the videofluoroscopic examination of swallowing
  5. MR image study on TMJ
  6. Research on improvement of radiotherapy for oral cancers