Department of General Dentistry

Introduction of departments

We provide dental treatments for the patients suffering from systemic diseases, such as cancer, DM, autoimmune diseases. Dental treatments include cavity filling, endodontic and periodontal therapies, tooth extraction, and others. Our focus is on keeping healthy oral hygiene, especially for in-patients staying in Hiroshima University Hospital. We want to prevent post-operative complications caused by oral problems. We also want to reduce adverse reaction in mouth during radio-, chemo-therapy of cancers and chronic diseases. Our goal is to keep “Quality of Life” at high level, to make patients smiling.

Research content

  1. Dental treatment of emergency catastrophe, such as earth quake, Tsunami, Water flood.
  2. Endoscopic therapy of endodontic & periodontal treatments
  3. Evaluation & development of new treatment on oral care for patients suffering from systemic diseases.
  4. Education on residents after graduating from Dental college.
  5. Study on nosocomial infection.
  6. Development of new detection system of cariogenic bacteria.
  7. Education for interprofessional collaboration between medical and dental professionals.