Department of Special Care Dentistry

Introduction of departmen

Over a billion of people are living with some form of disability and chronic diseases, and still increasing due to population aging and improvements in medical technologies.  

The first purpose of the Special Care Dentistry (SCD) in Hiroshima University Hospital is to improve the oral health and quality of life for people who require special needs. This service is provided to all, irrespective of gender, age, physical, intellectual or mental disabilities and their severity.

The second purpose is to provide safe and secure dental care for patients with chronic diseases through the collaboration between SCD, medical specialists, and social communities, and to promote human resource development.

Research content

Main Research Activities

  1.  Evaluation of the circulatory systems in patients with cardiovascular and congenital heart diseases.
  2.  Effects of vasoconstrictor in local anesthesia on baroreflex sensitivity.
  3.  Relationship between central arterial stiffness and periodontal diseases, and the influence on baroreflex sensitivity.
  4.  Influences of sleep bruxism in hypoxia on the central cardiovascular control system.
  5.  Underlying mechanisms of suppressed pressor responses to pain stimulation by N2O.
  6.  Alterations of pulse wave reflection by sedative agents.
  7.  Effects of physical training on the oral immunofunction.

Our laboratory is interested in examining the cardiovascular control system in patients with cardiovascular diseases and congenital heart defects. We particularly focus on central artery stiffness as receptors, and muscle sympathetic nerve activity and left ventricular function as effectors of the system.