Department of Prosthetic Dentistry

Introduction of departments

Treatments in our clinic are the restoration of the defective tooth structure and the replacement of the missing teeth for the recovery of the stomatognathic function loss and esthetic disturbances.

For example, we make the fixed restoration with the full metal crown, the resin jacket crown, the bridge, the removable denture and the dental implant in patient’s oral cavities.

Recently we use some kind of esthetic zirconia for these restorations. These materials are expected no harmful for the biological compatibility, less metal allergy, and so on.

During recent years, we had continued to examine state-of-the art crown restoration which is made by hybrid resin CAD/CAM systems in a clinical trial, as the advanced medical technology. This has been successfully applied for Japanese healthcare insurance in April 2014. Recently, we are researching usefulness of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) as crown’s material on clinic. PEEK is a semi-crystalline linear polycyclic aromatic thermoplastic and it became an important high-performance thermoplastic candidate for replacing metal implant components. Our department is trying to find PEEK’s new application in the clinical dentistry.

Research content

  1. The study of relationship between oral habits and psychosomatic stress responses measured by salivary chromogranin A.
  2. The antimicrobial efficacy of chlorine dioxide element to add to dental material.
  3. Exploration of amelogenic stem/progenitor cells for tissue-engineered tooth.
  4. The roles of FGFR2b signaling in the regenerative capacity of tooth and bone.
  5. Study of occulusal-supporting ability of individual maxillary and mandibular teeth
  6. Relation between prosthetic treatment and general condition in elderly with dementia.
  7. Psychiatric disorders in dental practice.
  8. Establishment of bone regeneration by using interconnected porous hydroxyapatite and biopolymeric material
  9. Effect of laser groove treatment on shear bond strength of resin-based luting agent to polyetheretherketone (PEEK).