Program Details

Integrated Arts and Sciences Program

New Education Program (as of 2013)
Beginning from the first year of study, students will enrol in compulsory subjects to learn the fundamental concept of integrated arts and sciences. This curriculum is aimed at equipping students with an equally integrated background in both humanities and science.

Three divisions with 12 courses

The division aims to explore human nature as well as mental and physical activity. Students have opportunities to study human beings comprehensibly from different perspectives including behavioral and sports sciences, language, communication, philosophy, art, and culture. The division cultivates human resources who have the solid and integrative understanding of human based on interdisciplinary analysis across research areas and are willing to contribute to a better human society.   

The 21st century information society has highly developed communication technologies. To solve ever increasing complex problems in the modern era, it is necessary to have a perspective based on the comprehensive knowledge of natural sciences. Natural Sciences Research Division consists of four courses: Materials Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical and Information Sciences, and Natural Environmental Sciences. The four courses provide classes on the understanding of atomic and molecular levels of materials, biological and chemical sciences for studying cellular and molecular mechanisms of life and brain functioning, mathematics and information technology for the basis of logical thinking, and environmental sciences focusing on the relationships between the natural environment and humankind. Students in this division will develop creative thinking skills and have a solid foundation for scientific careers.

Our society influences our everyday life in many respects. At the same time, our everyday actions and their interactions influence and change the system of our society at various levels: from the level of local communities to that of international communities.
In our Social Studies Research Division, we analyse the system of the society and problems in it within two frameworks (local and global), taking two approaches (theoretical analysis and fieldwork focusing on social problems). Through this, our division aims to help students develop as persons with deep understanding of our modern society.

Professional certificates available from the School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

  • By completing credits required by the Educational Personnel Certification Law, students can obtain the following professional certifications: High School 1st-class Teacher's License in geographic history, civics, mathematics, science, and English as a foreign language.
  • Students can also obtain the professional certification to be a curator. (Curator certification program)