2-part Series Workshop “Doing” the Literature Review

2-part Series Workshop  
“Doing” the Literature Review

Date & Venue

1st:March 26   Monday
2nd:March 27  Tuesday

10:30am – 12:00pm
Library Hall at Central Library Higashi-Hiroshima campus

Title: Literature Reviews Part 1
       Defining and understanding the functions of literature reviews.
       The literature review process.
       Synthesizing and organizing the review.

Title: Literature Reviews Part 2
       Summarizing and paraphrasing.
       Referencing accurately and avoiding plagiarism.
       Shaping your review (introductions and conclusions).

*The participants are strongly recommended to attend all workshops.
*This is a hands-on workshop series; please bring your own PC and literature review drafts and research papers/books you are using in your reviews (hard and/or soft copies).



Researchers of Hiroshima Univ.
 *Graduate students are welcome.

Writing Center, Hiroshima University  
E-mail: wrc-research@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp