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Our services at a glance

The Writing Center offers workshops, seminars, classes and consultations on Academic Writing to all HU students and faculty.

Note: The main task for Writing Center faculty and tutors is to help you write clear, well-structured texts. Proofreading or copy-editing your texts are not the focus of the consultation session.

We help you:

  • Consider your target audience
  • Identify the basic elements of an academic text
  • Understand what kind of information is expected in each element
  • Develop your ideas logically
  • Connect your ideas clearly
Writing Tutorials

Graduate student tutors will look at your Japanese and English academic writing with you and help you to compose texts that are easier to understand.

Texts we advise include:

  • class assignments
  • essays
  • bachelor's and master's theses
  • doctoral theses
  • research proposals
Consultations on Academic Writing in English

The Writing Center’s academic staff Takeshi Kawamoto, Adina Staicov and Tingjia Wang, and the Writing Advisor Fellow provide advice on writing academic papers, journal abstracts, or presentation scripts in English.

Academic Writing Checklist

The Academic Writing Checklist was desinged to help you structure your writing process. Please also use the checklist to prepare for your appointment at the Writing Center.