Director and Deputy Directors

  • Director: Makoto Iwanaga (Library Director)
  • Associate Directors: Takeshi Kawamoto (Professor, Writing Center); Toshihiko Omoto (Executive Manager, Department of Libraries);Norifumi Miyokawa (Senior URA)

Academic Staff

  • Takeshi Kawamoto (Professor, Writing Center)
  • Adina Staicov (Assistant professor, Writing Center)

Writing Advisor Fellow

The writing advisor fellow focusses on supporting researchers who want to publish papers in English-medium journals or give presentations at international conferences. They offer advice on how to organise the writing process, structure your papers or how to choose the right journal.

Writing advisor fellows do not offer copy-editing or proofreading services.

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Management Committee Members (FY2020)

  • Makoto Iwanaga, Director (Library Director)
  • Takeshi Kawamoto, Associate Director (Professor (Special Appointment), Writing Center)
  • Toshihiko Omoto, Associate Director (Executive Manager, Department of Libraries)
  • Norifumi Miyokawa, Associate Director (Senior URA, Department of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration)
  • Adina Staicov (Assistant professor, Writing Center)
  • Mitsuo Hayashi, Vice Executive (Deputy Executive Director, Education Reform)
  • Hirotaka Nanba, Vice Executive (Deputy Executive Director, Research Planning)
  • Hirofumi Hasegawa (Executive Manager, Department of Educational Affairs)
  • Manabu Kosako (Director and Advanced Specialist, Department of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration)

Writing Tutors

A tutor is a graduate student affiliated with the Writing Center who supports members of the university in improving their writing. It is not the tutors’ responsibility to correct people’s writing; they are trained to help writers organize their thoughts, draw out their ideas, and nurture their writing ability.

A tutor is required to maintain confidentiality of those they support and will not disclose any information gained during the Tutorials.

The tutor's fields of research are diverse, including educational studies, psychology, sociology, law, religious studies, ecology, and musicology.