Writing Tutorials

Writing tutorials are offered by graduate student tutors. The tutors will look at your writing with you and make suggestions on how to improve your papers. Our tutors will give advice on issues related to overall structure, clarity in meaning, links between ideas, etc.

Please note that the tutor will not correct or revise the text that you have written. Rather, they want you to become independent authors who have the ability to write in an academic style that is clear, simple and concise.

If you have any concerns about a report or paper, do not hesitate to come for a tutorial.
This service is available free of charge to all members of Hiroshima University, irrespective of status or affiliation.

Please keep in mind: Tutors will make suggestions and give advice on your paper, they will not proofread or copy-edit your writing. They will also not check the contents of the paper (for example, they will not comment on the findings of your research paper) and cannot say if the content is right or wrong. Their goal is to help you present your findings as clearly as possible.

Types of papers you can bring to the session

  • Assignment, Essay
  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Master Thesis
  • Doctoral Thesis
  • Abstract
  • Research proposal

For journal papers, conference papers and abstracts, please refer to Consultations on Research Papers

Resumes, CVs, entry sheets and other employment-related documents, letters and e-mails are not eligible. Please contact the Global Career Design Center for employment-related texts.

Why should you try a Writing Tutorial?

When you're writing a paper, improvement is always possible! If you feel that you need some extra help and are not confident in your academic writing, it is a good opportunity to try a Writing Tutorial. A Writing Tutorial can help you when:

  • You're not sure how to write your report or graduation thesis.
  • You are unsure of your writing composition.
  • You don't know how to write your table of contents.
  • You don't know how to advance your paper.
  • You started writing but became stuck.
  • You don't have confidence that your writing is logical.
  • You want to make sure your paper is easy to understand and logically written before you show it to your academic advisor.
  • You don't know how to amend your paper based on your academic advisor's instruction.

When is the best time in the writing process to do a Writing Tutorial?

It's ok to do a Writing Tutorial at any step in the process of writing your paper. You can do one before you write a single word, when you have an outline, when you're in the middle of writing, or when you're almost done. Any time is a good time to get the help with your paper.

If you come to the writing center with a concept or an outline, you can have a discussion with a tutor about the future of your paper and get advice on how to start strong. If possible, we recommend you come as soon as possible to ensure a smooth writing journey.

Session Types

The following are the types of Writing Tutorials offered at the Writing Center. These services are offered for English and Japanese papers. Please follow each link for more information about tutorial types and how to book.

About the Tutors

A tutor is a graduate student affiliated with the Writing Center who supports members of the university in improving their writing. It is not the tutors’ responsibility to correct people’s writing; they are trained to help writers organize their thoughts, draw out their ideas, and nurture their writing ability.

A tutor is required to maintain confidentiality of those they support and will not disclose any information gained during the consultations.