Writing Tutorials

Writing tutorials are offered by graduate student tutors. The tutors will look at your writing with you and make suggestions on how to improve your papers. Our tutors will give advice on issues related to overall structure, clarity in meaning, links between ideas, etc.

Please note that the tutor will not correct or revise the text that you have written. Rather, they want you to become independent authors who have the ability to write in an academic style that is clear, simple and concise.

If you have any concerns about a report or paper, do not hesitate to come for a tutorial.
This service is available free of charge to all members of Hiroshima University, irrespective of status or affiliation.

NOTE: Tutors will make suggestions and give advice on your paper, they will not proofread or copy-edit your writing.

About the Tutors

A tutor is a graduate student affiliated with the Writing Center who supports members of the university in improving their writing. It is not the tutors’ responsibility to correct people’s writing; they are trained to help writers organize their thoughts, draw out their ideas, and nurture their writing ability.

A tutor is required to maintain confidentiality of those they support and will not disclose any information gained during the consultations.


1. Make an Appointment

Please make an appointment via WRC system.

New Appointment

2. Come to the Writing Center or Prepare for an Online Session

Please come to the Writing Center before your appointed time. If you have a particular piece of writing that you wish to talk about, please bring two copies with you (one for you and one for your tutor) .

You may come for a tutorial without an appointment; however, priority is given to people who have made an appointment in advance.

If you choose an online writing tutorial, please start up your computer, launch Skype, and log in . You will receive an invitation on Skype to add the Writing Center (hu.wrc) to your contacts list; please accept this invitation.

3. One-on-One Session

The tutor will provide one-on-one feedback on your writing. Feel free to ask the tutor about any particular concerns or anything that you would specifically like them to look at.

one-on-one session