Face-to-Face Session

The face-to-face service is an in-person writing tutorial service. The tutors will sit with you and work through a collaborative dialogue to help improve clarity, flow, readability, and etc. This service is perfect for those who wish to engage in active discussion with a tutor in person, and work with them closely to improve the quality of their paper. You can use this service for free during any of the available time slots.

Time Slots

Face-to-face sessions are 40 minutes. Two appointments per day are available, in case you need more time to work on your paper. You can combine two 40 minute sessions into one 80 minute session if time slots are available.

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How to use the service

1. Make an appointment

You can make an appointment via the WRC system. The Writing Center can also accept walk-ins for Face-to-Face sessions, however, please keep in mind that students who have made an appointment in advance will be prioritized.

Please upload the document you wish to go over when you make the appointment so the tutor can have a record of the draft, and look over it before you arrive.

To upload your document, please use the button shown above. Click this button and select the file you would like to use.

If you do not have one already, you will need to register an account with the WRC system to make an appointment.

2. Come to the Writing Center

Please come to the Writing center before your appointed time. If possible, please bring your laptop with you to your appointment. If you cannot bring a laptop, it is better to bring a printed copy of your paper to annotate.

3. Work with the Tutor

The tutor will provide one-on-one feedback on your paper. It is important to ask questions and engage with the tutor to get the most out of your session. Do not be afraid to ask questions and have a conversation with your tutor about how you can make your writing better! If you have any specific concerns, feel free to point them out to your tutor and get the best advice possible.