On-demand Workshops on Academic Papers in English

Full-time member of the Writing Center’s academic staff—Takeshi Kawamoto—offers workshops on the basic skills required for writing academic papers and giving presentations at academic conferences in English.

The workshops are tailored to the needs and schedule of the participants. Topics can be chosen from the content listed below.

Applications can be made by individuals or groups. As it may take time to make preparations, please apply as early as possible. If you have little time to spare, please consider using the Guidance on Publishing in English service. Once the schedule has been finalized, we may advertise the workshop in question more widely within the university.

NOTE: All on demand workshops are conducted entirely in Japanese.

How to apply

Please use the application form below to apply. After you have applied, the full-time academic staff member at the Writing Center will contact you directly by e-mail.

Application form: http://www.lib.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/?page_id=10787

NOTE: It may take time to make preparations, so please apply as early as possible.

List of Workshop Themes

How to Structure and Write Academic Papers in English

Academic papers in English tend to be formatted according to common patterns so an understanding of these can act as a shortcut when writing a paper.

How to Gather Information and Read Submission Guidelines when Writing Academic Papers in English.

Journals have submission guidelines and it is essential to follow these guidelines when writing a paper. Neglecting to do so may grounds for rejecting your paper. Submission guidelines do not vary greatly between journals. Understanding the basic principles and reading the submission guidelines properly will make it easier for you to tailor your paper to your intended journal.

How to Write Conference Abstracts in English

How to Use the Life Science Dictionary Concordance Search When Writing Academic Papers in English

Dictionaries do not provide a great deal of guidance when you want to know how to use English words in academic papers. Using the Life Science Dictionary concordance search will enable you to learn about the usage of words that frequently appear in academic papers. The searchable corpus of abstracts covers not only life science, but also a variety of fields in the natural sciences and even the social sciences.

English Grammar for Writing Academic Papers in English (Introduction; Applied Knowledge; Verbs; Nouns and Prepositions)

The first step for non-native speakers in writing papers free from errors is to become thoroughly familiar with grammar. If you think about using Japanese, you will realize that native speakers do not require a systematic knowledge of grammar. This is because they can intuitively tell whether or not something is correct, generally speaking. However, for non-native speakers who do not have this intuitive understanding of the language, a sound knowledge of grammar is essential.

The kind of grammar learned at school is not necessarily relevant to academic papers, which actually require simpler grammatical structures. If you focus on such structures when brushing up your grammar, you will be able to master them easily.

How to Give Presentations in English

The basic principle when presenting your research is to present a clear conclusion at the end and to develop an appealing discussion. To do so, you need to raise questions that can be addressed in the conclusion and present your own viewpoints leading up to that. The purpose of presentations is not to tell people about the content of your research, but to market yourself through your research.

How to Use EndNote When Writing Academic Papers in English

In academic papers, you need to cite references. As the number and style of your references can change during the writing process and depending on different journals, managing references can be time consuming take a lot of effort. EndNote is a tool that automatically manages references, freeing you from all this bother.

How to Create Crystal-clear Diagrams (Introduction)

PowerPoint and other presentation software packages are often used to create visuals for use in presentations at academic conferences. However, in most cases, these visuals are unsuitable for use in journal articles. This workshop will teach you ways of preparing effective diagrams for use in academic papers that will meet submission guidelines.

Times and Venues

9:00 am -6:00 pm on weekdays (one workshop lasts about two hours )

Central Library on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Kasumi Campus on Tuesdays

*We will discuss specific times and venues upon receiving your application.


Takeshi Kawamoto, Professor and Associate Director of the Writing Center
Phone: 082-424-6207
E-Mail : tkawamo@hiroshima-u.ac.jp