Journal Paper Writing Retreat

Journal Paper Writing Retreat

Time, Date & Venue
Higashi-hiroshima campus
9:00am - 4:45pm  Saturday
December 15, 2018
Seminar Rooms, Information Media Center 2nd fl.

  Researchers of Hiroshima Univ.
  *Graduate students are welcome.
  *Accepting only the first 20 registrants.
  *Nursery expenses will be subsidized.
  *This is a faculty development program.


Morning: 9:00-12:00
Check in (15min)  self-introduction, goal-setting
Mini-seminar (45min) by Adele Pitkeathly
“Abstract Writing”
Shut up & Write (1h 15min)
Peer-review group work (45min)
*** Lunch break ***
Afternoon: 13:00-16:45
Mini-seminar (30min) by Ramin Tadayon
“Tips for journal submission by an Editor”
Shut up & Write (1h 15min)
Peer-review group work (45min)
Mini-seminar (30min) by Adele Pitkeathly
“Titles matter: getting your research articles noticed”
Peer-review group work (45min)

*Please bring your own PC and writing materials.
*The participants are strongly recommended to decide on their target journal in advance.Also, please bear in mind that the morning “Shut up & Write” session will focus on abstract writing.

Ramin Tadayon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Special Appointment)
Academic Office, Hiroshima University

Adele Pitkeathly
Senior Writing Advisor Fellow
Hiroshima University Writing Center

Contact: Writing Center, Hiroshima University