学生氏名 (主査)   学位論文題目


郭 磊 (栗木 雅夫)
Photo-cathode Studies for High Performance Linear Accelerators
川端 丈 (高畠 敏郎)
Unusual antiferromagnetic order and c-f hybridization gap in the Kondo semiconductor CeOs2Al10
林 慶介 (梅尾 和則)
Effects of Si substitution and uniaxial pressure on the unusual antiferromagnetic order in the Kondo semiconductors CeT2Al10 (T = Ru and Os)
(近藤半導体CeT2Al10 (T = Ru, Os)の特異な反強磁性秩序に対するSi置換と一軸圧力の効果)
松﨑 智明 (嶋原 浩)
Order Parameters and Phase Diagrams in Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors


加賀 千翔人  (主査:檜垣 浩之)
Studies on the mixing processes of particles with different signs of charges in a magnetic field

上川 修平 (主査:鈴木 孝至)
Field Induced Quadrupole Phase Transition in HoTr2Al10(Tr=Fe, Ru) under an Orthorhombic Crystal Electric Field
(HoTr2Al10(Tr=Fe, Ru)の直方晶結晶場下における磁場誘起四極子相転移)

守屋 克洋 (主査:岡本 宏己)
Experimental Study of Low-Order Resonant Beam Instabilities in Circular Accelerators Using a Linear Paul Trap

林 佑弥 (主査:松村 武)
The c-f hybridization effect and the crystal field effect of CeXc (Xc=S, Se, Te)
(CeXc (Xc=S, Se, Te)のc-f混成効果と結晶場効果)

山口 翔太郎 (主査:小島 由継)
Nitrogenation and Decomposition Properties of Alkali Metal Compounds

Experimental investigation into physical aspects of quantum joint-statistics via optical sequential measurements

Xiaojuan Xi  (主査:鈴木 孝至)
The Crystal Electric Field Effect on 4f -Hole and Magnetic Phase Transition in Rare-earth Yb-based Ternary Compounds YbTGe (T=Pt, Cu) and Kondo Chiral Magnet YbNi3Al9 Determined from Ultrasonic Measurements
(超音波測定を用いたYb三元化合物YbTGe (T=Pt, Cu)及び近藤キラル磁性体YbNi3Al9の4fホールにおける結晶場効果の研究)

川人 浩司  (主査:小島 由継)
Electrochemical Properties of MgH2 and TiH2 for All-Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries

上杉  祐貴  (主査:高橋 徹)
Development of a high finesse optical cavity with self-resonating mechanism for laser Compton scattering sources


Development of the Magnetic-Field-Containing Relativistic Tight-Binding Approximation Method: Revisiting the de Haas-van Alphen Effect

松本 圭介    (主査: 鬼丸 孝博)
Superconducting and Antiferro-Quadrupole Transitions in the Pr-based Caged Compound PrIr2Zn20

小迫 照和     (主査:角屋 豊)
Study on Optical Yagi-Uda Antennas Utilizing Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Metal Nanoparticles

川田 真一     (主査:高橋 徹)
Study of Higgs boson decays to tau pairs at the International Linear Collider

伊藤 和博     (主査:嶋原 浩)
Theoretical Study of the Phase Transition and Low-Temperature Property in Two-Dimensional Coupled Antiferromagnets

青木 泰平     (主査:小島 由継)
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Ammine Complexes

下村 祐司     (主査:高根 美武)
Numerical Study of the Dephasing Effect on a Perfectly Conducting Channel in Graphene Nanoribbons with Zigzag Edges

吉村 幸徳     (主査:高根 美武)
Theoretical study on the surface states of topological insulators

脇舎 和平     (主査:鬼丸 孝博)
Magnetic, Superconducting, and Phononic Properties in Caged Compounds RT2Zn20 (R: rare-earth, T=Ru, Rh, Os, Ir)
(カゴ状化合物RT2Zn20 (R: 希土類, T=Ru, Rh, Os, Ir) の磁性, 超伝導およびフォノン物性)

福島 慧       (主査:岡本 宏己)
Stability analysis of non-neutral ion plasma in a linear Paul trap and its application to particle beam dynamics

大﨑 一哉      (主査:岡本 宏己)
Theoretical studies on Doppler laser cooling of an ion beam in a storage ring and an emittance growth mechanism of intense hadron beams


陳 躍星<CHEN Yuexing>      (高畠 敏郎)
Thermoelectric properties of type-VIII clathrate Ba8Ga16Sn30-xGex and Ba8Ga16-xInxSn30 single crystals grown by self-flux and Bridgman methods
 岡本 圭司    ( 高萩 隆行)
Improvement of Biocompatibility of the Diamond-like Carbon for Application to Medical Devices

舟木 博志    ( 嶋原 浩)
Pairing Interactions Mediated by Ferromagnetic Magnons─Odd- and Even-Frequency Superconductivities─

五舛目 清剛      (小島 由継)
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of Alkali Metal Amide-Hydrogen System


赤木 智哉      (高橋 徹)
Development of a 3D 4-mirror optical cavity for the ILC polarized positron source
 池田 卓    ( 小島 由継)
Anode properties of magnesium hydride with all solidstate lithium ion batteries
木村 通      (小島 由継)
Catalytic Mechanism of Transition Metal Oxides for Hydrogen Absorption and Desorption Reactions of Magnesium
(マグネシウムの水素吸蔵/放出反応における遷移金 属酸化物の触媒機構)
坂木 麻里子     (鈴木 孝至)
Electric-field-induced Insulator-metal Transition in Ca2RuO4
宮脇 信実      (嶋原 浩)
Fermi−surface effect on the Fulde−Ferrell−Larkin−Ovchinnikov  state in quasi−one−dimensional superconductors