Alumni: Mahama Tiah Abdul-Kabiru /Technical Advisor, Office of Vice President of Republic of Ghana

(G.ecbo Follow-up Research rogram in AY2016 ,  Interned at NORSAAC in Republic of Ghana)

-Looking back from the Internship to the Present

It has been a life-changing and impactful experience.

-Words of back from the Internship to the Present

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work” - Colin Powell

-When & How I utilized My Experiences of Gecbo Program

Whenever a task that requires research and or analytical skills and experience is assigned to me, I urgency to remember the experience from G.ecbo is high. Aside this, leadership and teamwork are crucial part of my current role as a public servant and I always draw from the lessons at G.ecbo.

-Advice for Juniors

For those graduating, never graduate unless you have developed a sense of independence and the determination to confront challenges. Because, you will have to take decision that affect a country or a group of people and you will also be entrusted with leadership in one way or another. Independence does not mean not being a team player but it means being able to do a personal level analysis of an issue to take an informed decision.  I will further advise those graduating to learn from the experiences of both the classrooms and the field. The blend of theories and the practices will make you become better global citizens contributing to the development of humanity.