OB:Ayu Lana Nafisyah/Junior Lecturer at Universitas Airlangga –Indonesia

                                 Holding the certificate of graduationhappily in HU

Interned at Universitas Airlangga (Indonesia) in AY2016
Completion of Graduate school of Biosphere science (Environmental Dynamics and Management)

Current Situation & Waking Status

I just came back from Japan last October 2020 and I am currently working as a junior lecturer in Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya-Indonesia, the host institution during my internship program in 2016. Universitas Airlangga is the public university with four campuses in total. The main campuses (Campus A, B, C) are located in Surabaya City and the latest campus (Campus D) is located in Banyuwangi City. I belong to the Department of Fish Health Management and Aquaculture at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (Campus C). Being a lecturer is not an easy job, especially in Indonesia, we have to carry out three pillars of higher education that we called as Tri Dharma comprising education, research, and community services. Besides doing education and research, we are targeted to contribute to the resolution of the nation’s problems by directly involving in the local society.

When & How I utilized My Experiences of Gecbo Program

I have studied in the Graduate School of Biosphere Science Hiroshima University since October 2015 until September 2020 for my Master and Doctoral degrees. I applied for the G.ecbo program during my Master study in 2016. Even though I am an Indonesian. I was allowed to stay as an intern in my own country. I experienced many things through the G.ecbo program even before dispatch to the host institution. I remember when I was taking the debating classes in IDEC as the mandatory course for the participants, I expected nothing but at the end my team won the final debate session. All of the experiences before and after dispatch to the host institu-tion was very unforgettable and valuable.

                                              During my internship period in UA

What I Feel Rooted  & Growing in Myself

To be honest, I did not plan to take this program seriously other than focused on my own research. But during the process, including the preparation steps, I felt another happiness in every step. I improved my communication and presentation skills here. Through this program, I could do my research in Indonesia observing microphytobenthos flora in sediments of mangrove forest. Also, through some activities with student in the host institution at that time I have gained my confidence, especially to inspire students to study abroad and to be interested in the research of microalgae that still rely on their study in Universitas Airlangga. I will never forget the opportunities and experiences that G.ecbo program afforded me at that time.

                                    My research sampling with two diligent students of UA

Advice for Juniors

Before jumping to the advice the juniors, I would like to thank especially to my supervisor during my study in Hiroshima University, Prof. Kazuhiko Koike, who supported me to join this program. And for all the hard work of all the professors and staffs who organized the G.ecbo program AY2016. My advice to anyone who is interested or is still considering to join this program, I recommend you to enjoy the whole program while also taking it seriously, especially the part of your own research (data sampling, collecting, etc.). As a student, at that time, I wanted to have some experiences out of the academic skills that may improve my attitude in the society. Here, in G.ecbo program, you will gain those experiences I mentioned, particularly if you are not an IDEC student. At first, you might think that you are the minority among many of IDEC participants, but you will find more experiences that may be important for your study and career. This time, the situation is different because of the COVID-19, I do not know how G.ecbo Program would be without dispatch of students to other countries, but I am sure G.ecbo program will make some innovation for the system.