SUMI Jumpei (IDEC Division of Development science)

                                                               At the PUSKIM
Tentative job offer at Hiroshima City Hall (Architect)
Interned at the Research Institute for Housing and Human Set-tlements, Ministry of Public Works
(PUSKIM) in Bandung, Indonesia (Indonesia)in AY2019

Why did you choose this field of work?

Because I can contribute to society through the field of architecture, which is my dream. When I was a child, I often watched the TV program That’s a Dramatic Change , about major renovation projects and I dreamed of becoming an archi-tect. So, I entered the Hiroshima University’s Department of Architecture . I visit-ed the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park designed by Kenzo Tange and I was im-pressed at how architecture can have a deep impact on cities and society. I want-ed to find out more about how architecture makes the connections between socie-ty and the people living in that place more visible. So, I continued my studies in the Building and Urban Environ-mental Science in Asia Laboratory and I realized the diversity and importance of architecture from a govern-mental viewpoint. The decisive factor for choosing this work was because I thought it would be very rewarding.

Photos courtesy of Hiroshima prefecture

What influence did your internship experience have on your job-hunting?

was an intern at the Research Institute for Housing and Hu-man Settlement, Ministry of Public works, Indonesia (PUSKIM). I did a survey on the air quality in densely built-up urban housing. It was the first time for me to take the lead in this kind of research and I had to decide what was of higher priority when doing the survey. Although an incident oc-curred, I was able to handle it and successfully finish measur-ing the air quality. I learned how important it is to decide on the order of priority of things and it caused me to consider what it was that I wanted to do with my life. When doing the measuring, I was able to hear the views of the local residents and their expectations of the government. These experiences provided lead to deciding to work in the city hall where the views of local residents could be heard firsthand.

With acquaintances at the Pasteur local government office

What are your future goals?

I do not want to stop simply because I have started this job but I intend to give it my all and by learning new things, I want to keep abreast with new happenings daily. Through my work I hope to bring smiles to the faces of people.

With the village mayor and his wife at their home

Advice for Juniors

Recently in Japan the system of hiring new graduates en masse is undergoing a review. But no one wants to get left behind so at the same timing, future graduates tend to become interns with companies that they have somehow heard of and then decide as their place of employment. For anyone who is not quite sure of what they want to do in the future, I recommend that you put aside any worries or anxieties you may have and apply to be an overseas intern on the G.ecbo program. You can broaden your perspective by seeing different ways of working and when you are put in charge of some big project, you can find out what you like to do and what you don’t like doing. If you stay calm and meet the challenge, things will somehow work out for you. [smiles]