Yuji Hasegawa

PositionAssociate Professor

Research AreaSabo (erosion control) engineering, mechanism of sediment disaster and prevention works considering local characteristic

Research Topic
What do you image from natural hazards? In Japan, I guess many people will answer earthquake, flooding, tsunami or volcano. But due to steep mountainous landform and large rainfall, Japan also faces sediment disasters occurring approx. 1000 places/ year. My study topic is focusing on sediment disaster mechanism, and to propose effective prevention countermeasures. In other words, we call preventing sediment disasters as SABO.

Important factors for sediment disasters occurrence, behavior and scale are following; water and sediment condition of mountains and detail landform. From field research and observations in mountains, we can know the usual condition and recognize the unnormal disasters signal from small change. We can find dangerous points and consider effective sabo works, such as sabo dams, hazard mapping and evacuations from simulations and experimental studies. We are looking forward to work together for SABO. And who are interested to mountains, field works, natural hazards, disaster prevention are always welcome.